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WHOA the crossposter is working again :D

A while back I spent most of my Bitcoin but there was a little loose change rattling around. Now it’s worth £143.91. XD

Not for long, I'll bet.

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okay so re the pledge changes:

i was going to adjust the cybrespace "Backer" pledge tier to $0.63 so that it would still come out to $1.00 after fees, but apparently the minimum you can pledge on patreon is still $1.00.

i'll be looking into other options for allowing people to support us on a regular basis, but for now if you or a friend wants to get an account here, just DM me or @nightpool and we can give you invite links

(all current members will be able to give those out "soon")

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hey #patreon users, please consider going to and filling out a comment about the new fee system if you have strong feelings about them! if you're unhappy, tell them why; if you wish there were other options, tell them what you want those options to be. users of a platform deserve to be heard.

(there are a bunch of posts about the changes under the patreon tag here if you need to get caught upt)

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Things I have learned:

- The old Patreon system is much harder for me to brain than the new one.

- I am brainfoggier than I thought I was, probably due to brain fog.

(I deleted the last spreadsheety post because it was still wrong!)

But also, now the supporter is paying their processing fee, not the creator. Which seems quite good.

I think I agree with @melgillman that they should have it be optional. It already feels bad enough when you pledge and then you're hit with VAT stuff that significantly increases it. Fewer people will make small pledges with this new system, and that's gonna hurt people.

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So under this new system, creators get less per $ that a supporter actually pays (not including VAT because that varies from country to country)... I think?

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Man, that Patreon thing would’ve been so great if they’d just made it opt-in? Give backers the option to click a button to pay $0.XX and cover transaction fees :/

With the new payment structure, *patrons* pay a fee on top of their pledge, as well as patreon taking a (now smaller) cut from the creator's balance.

I made a little spreadsheet to help me work out what the heck was going on in actual numbers.

So if I'm supported by 50 $1 pledges, I get $47.50, but supporters pay nearly $70.

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