YES. I really hope this happens!

"Put the CW field between the toot we are replying to and the toot field" #7508

Before and after photos are attached.

With the new payment structure, *patrons* pay a fee on top of their pledge, as well as patreon taking a (now smaller) cut from the creator's balance.

I made a little spreadsheet to help me work out what the heck was going on in actual numbers.

So if I'm supported by 50 $1 pledges, I get $47.50, but supporters pay nearly $70.

The current bead set-up - two new sets of beads at the bottom right!

Yay, lovely beads and a fantastic floopy bead lizard from Becka! :)

My self-care bead thingies are fun to play with!



@bea I just wanted to make sure you saw this person on Ephemeral who has now disappeared:. I reported them for spam and they're gone now and I don't know whether it was you or the moon!

Wow. Folks who say they're good at boundaries are more likely to say they're BAD at self-care. (But also more likely to say they're good at self-care!) Small samples, though, of course.

Version 1 upgrading to version 2 today!

One of the clasps broke though so I'm wondering if I should invest in some bigger, sturdier lobster clasps/tiny carabiners?

Made this for my mum because she has awesome metal knees now. 😁

I put them all on a paperclip to keep them together, and I don't know, I'm not feelin' it. I think maybe they need to have a little carabiner each, so I can mix and match them into sets for whatever purpose, or...?

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