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The “yeah sex is cool but” meme as represented in this ⚡️Moment is basically me.

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yeah sex is cool but have you ever mushed your face into a brand new skein of 4-ply merino

@cassolotl Yeah sex is cool but have you tried more sex ?


@cassolotl at a glance, i read this as "mushed your face into mashed potatoes".

and i was like "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck i want some mashed potatoes"


@somarasu I feel we are on the same page. :D

@cassolotl please CW yarn mentions I have an obsessive relationship with all the yarn.

@lilletale Due to the internet, I am struggling to judge the tone! Joke or serious?

@cassolotl I'm not sure. Ask my wallet and every spare room/cupboard/shelf/basket in my house.

@cassolotl yeah sex is cool (sometimes) but generally leads to major emotional complexities in humans. Often better to forego.

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