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So there are no toots in , and one in , from my corner of the Fediverse. :D So, more ideas welcome, but Arrowverse is at least memorable and has someone other than me in the hashtag!

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@cassolotl I am currently re-watching all of Flash that is on Netflix and waiting impatiently for more.

@aldersprig Ooooo cool! Where are you up to, does Netflix have alllllll the episodes? I'm about to watch S04E09!

I wish Netflix had more stuff because I like to watch things in a big blob - week by week is terrible because I forget everything that happened and lose the plot thread very easily! :P

@cassolotl nnno, netflix only has like the first three seasons, I think, though I’ll check later.

I’m still in season one, just finished ep. 11 last night.

@aldersprig Ahhhh you have so many to go! How pleasing. :D

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