With the new payment structure, *patrons* pay a fee on top of their pledge, as well as patreon taking a (now smaller) cut from the creator's balance.


I made a little spreadsheet to help me work out what the heck was going on in actual numbers.

So if I'm supported by 50 $1 pledges, I get $47.50, but supporters pay nearly $70.


@cassolotl err, if i'm paying processing fees at $0.35+3% per transaction as a supporter, why the hell doesn't the creator get 100%?

@twitter I guess their logic is that the supporter gets charged for their processing fees on the way in, and then Patreon also have to work to pay out the cash, so creators pay a 5% fee to have their money given to them. But... why is that not a flat rate? Surely making it a proportion of the payout is very not cool?

@twitter @cassolotl wait, what? because patron needs to buy servers and engineers and... ?

@nightpool @twitter Oh true, and I'll bet the people with more supporters cost them a lot more in work and serverness, too!

@cassolotl yeah, it's the same reason other companies that handle payments don't use flat rates—because it would be prohibitively expensive for small creators or wouldn't reflect the actual usage of the service and increase in bandwidth for larger creators

@nightpool @cassolotl yes, so do all the other processors without giving a 5% haircut

stripe: 2.9% + $0.30

@nightpool @cassolotl *nods* yeah, they do have a lot of features you don't see from one

i can't help but see them primarily as one though, myself

@twitter @cassolotl @nightpool Patreon isn't a payment processor *at all*, though. They employ one. (Stripe or Paypal, depending on how you pay.) Which is why the two separate cuts-- the one the patron pays is the payment processor's fee; the one the creator covers is Patreon's.

@cassolotl thinking more about this, it sounds like if i'm supporting more than one creator, I get hit with the $0.35+3% for every one while they're batching my charges once monthly for a single fee

@cassolotl definitely not liking this system. I would much rather absorb the fees than impact those kind enough to single me out amongst the sheer multitude of better artists out there.

@cassolotl Sounds like the thing to do for the #onedollarpatreon thing might be for people to pool their money into one large amount, outside of patreon.... but then there'd be paypal or whatever other fees..................... money! it's hard.

@Felthry I think about 98% of supporters just... won't do that! Plus, what if someone fails to pay, does the one Designated Payer have to cover the shortfall? :S

@cassolotl Well this is a problem for those wanting to do micro payments to creators

What are our alternatives?

@kemonine I know Mastodon takes monthly payments via en.liberapay.com - about €100 per month. The payment system is a little more complicated! en.liberapay.com/about/faq I'm not a member and don't use it so I have no idea if it's any good.

@cassolotl It's trim but has utility. Certainly not the high gloss site that Patreon is.

Ko-Fi looks intersetying and I am seeing more of it here but...

I'm not a creator in that sort of sense. I have published links to Patreon/Librepay but nobody has subscribed yet.


This is why I really like liberapay [1].
I can give a weekly/monthly/annually amount but I have a wallet on their site to pull all my donation so that the fee are clearly exposed and limited.
Plus this is not a company making money out of it, thus dropping the cost even further.

However, there is no way to reward contributor for their support.

[1]: en.liberapay.com/

@ngaumont Yeah, I'm sad about the no-reward/incentive thing. I like posting extra stuff for patrons too, that you can only see if you're In The Club. :P

@cassolotl How much would the creator get on the old system from 50x$1?

@cassolotl I am the king of good timing :)

However, you're not comparing like with like. You need to see what the old system would be for $70 of pledges, because that's what the patrons are paying now.

@cassolotl "Patreon gets" is a bit misleading - Patreon only gets 5%, the rest goes to the payment processor.

@fluffy Yessss I am way too brainfluffy to be trying to work this out right now, but somehow it has been boosted 82 times already... D:

@cassolotl this is such garbage and i hope they listen to the VERY loud screaming of No from literally almost everyone, but given their attitude for the past year or so i just don't have a lot of hope

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