Oh wow help Mastodon is full of newbies. :D

Good, up-to-date, reliable instances with nice admins that are open, if you wanna try it:


They All Ban Nazis.

@cassolotl Is it necessary to create an account for each one? Or can one use the mastodon.social login?

@derk3621 You can follow anyone on any instance from where you are - so I at cybre.space could follow you at mastodon.social without having to move or make any new accounts.

But if you would like to move to a new instance (for a different set of rules or a different atmosphere in the local timeline or whatever) you have to create a new account and refollow everyone.

Does that make sense?

@cassolotl Thank you. Yes that makes sense. Will look into that.

@derk3621 Cool. :) If I can help with anything else just shout.

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