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Oh wow help Mastodon is full of newbies. :D

Good, up-to-date, reliable instances with nice admins that are open, if you wanna try it:

They All Ban Nazis.

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(This was a cross-post from Twitter, haha!)


So should I make a different account for each instance or?

@janLute No, you don't have to if you don't want to! You can follow anyone from anywhere. So I on can follow you on, no problem. Some people like to have multiple accounts and post different things to different accounts but that's just a thing that some people do. A lot of people just have one, and do all their Mastodoning from that account.

If you did decide to make an account on each instance to see what it's like and then delete all but one when you've chosen that'd be fine too!

@janLute You're most welcome. :) Shout if I can help with anything else!

@cassolotl My instance ( is also open and I will ban all the Nazis.

@cassolotl So... how do I view these instances with a mastodon instanced account? or can I not do that?

@keters You can follow and interact with anyone anywhere on the network (more or less) from the account you're on now. Like, if you type into the search bar you'll find a few people from that instance. But if you want to see the universe from that instance's point of view you have to go to and sign up with the little registration form.

@cassolotl But aren't I alread on an instance? why and how would i want to move to a new one?

@bustytig You are indeed already on an instance!

So my original post there was cross-posted from Twitter, which may explain a lot. :) But also, a lot of people try out other instances before they settle on one they like. For example, is very customised (different buttons, different terms for things. Each instance has its own admin and it's own rules, atmosphere, style of moderation...

So to move, you just visit the URL and create a new account. A bit like making a new email address.

@cassolotl that makes sense indeed! :D I thought it might have been a cross post but I still went "wait a minute..."

@cassolotl Thanks for the advice! Are there any instances with a focus on economics, politics, social science etc?

@Seeker1732 Ooo I don't know! I'll boost you and hopefully someone can help out. :) (Sorry for the delay - I just woke up!)

@Seeker1732 @cassolotl Yes, several! There are a good three or four different instances for various flavors of left politics -,,, and more. Theres, which for people who personally work at starting coops and the like. I'm pretty sure there are more, but it's late and they're not coming to mind. XD

@Angle @Seeker1732 Thank you! I'm sure if you missed any then someone else will come and fill in the gaps. :)

@cassolotl just joined ! good spot. Thanks for the info!

@cassolotl Thank you for this handy list. Just signed up today.

@cassolotl this sounds dope as hell but I don’t know how to join/ get in on those instances

@Whoopadoop If you click on one of the links you should find a registration form! :)

@cassolotl also, like, mastodon in general should just ban all Nazis

@Whoopadoop "mastodon in general" can't ban anything b/c its a piece of open source software, its up to each individual instance to ban nazis and also ban whole other instances that are nazi-friendly

basically imagine me as a big nerdy smokey the bear wearing a linux t-shirt and saying "only you can ban all nazis"

@cassolotl Is it necessary to create an account for each one? Or can one use the login?

@derk3621 You can follow anyone on any instance from where you are - so I at could follow you at without having to move or make any new accounts.

But if you would like to move to a new instance (for a different set of rules or a different atmosphere in the local timeline or whatever) you have to create a new account and refollow everyone.

Does that make sense?

@derk3621 (Refollowing everyone is not as hard as it sounds because you can export your follows and then import them at your new instance, which saves a lot of time!)

@cassolotl Thank you. Yes that makes sense. Will look into that.

@derk3621 Cool. :) If I can help with anything else just shout.

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