How to get people to join Mastodon

A guide by... er, me

- Show them a screenshot of your favourite open instance.
- Tell them it works well in browser on mobile.
- Tell them the admins are good people who ban nazis.
- Invite them to join your favourite open instance.
- DO NOT use the words federated, instance, or free and open source.

After they've joined, send them here:

- Cross-poster:
- Find your Twitter friends:

just tried the Masto bridge and wow, none of my friends from twitter are on mastodon. 😒

@henriqueo Because no one cares about that stuff and they're not a deciding factor in whether or not they will stay and stuff.

@brainblasted Oh yeah, if you know they're into it then totally spam those words! :D

@cassolotl I just joined Mastodon. What is the policy for banning? I want to migrate from Twitter because they ban/suspend progressives. I'd rather have no banning whatsoever based on politics.

@connolly I'd say ask around for instances that have a no-bans policy! Join, and post a public post saying "Can anyone point me at a good instance that has a no-banning policy?" and include the needhelp hashtag.

@connolly Fortunately, step one is complete. ;) But yeah, if you post something like that, I'll boost it to try to reach more people.

@cassolotl Thanks! I'm still navigating the whole "instance" concept.

@connolly It's a weird one, I'd agree! The best analogy I've seen is email - people on Gmail can email people on Hotmail, sort of thing.

@cassolotl amendment for extremely nerdy hacker friends:
- DEFINITELY use the words federated, instance, or free and open source

@noiob Oh yes, definitely. :D But I don't think those people will need as much help getting into Mastodon in general!

@ink_slinger Isn't it! :) So many handy settings 'n' stuff!

@cassolotl Yes! I love how granular the controls are. It's way nicer than a simple "cross post? y/n"

@cassolotl Ages ago, when I was new to Mastodon, I thought about trying to make my toots automatically post to Twitter, so I could still be "on twitter" without needing to visit it frequently.


Now I think I don't want to do that at all. Having my tweets cross-post here will be nice, but I actually don't want my semi-private Masto life to cross post onto Twitter. I like that this tool gives me that flexibility.

@ink_slinger Yeah, I know someone else who opted for that too. It's a good way!

@cassolotl @ink_slinger I am from now on using this cross poster thanks to your recommendation! It works great. I never use #twitter but I want my toots from protests etc to go there to be read by a wider audience.

@pinkprius @ink_slinger Ahhh that sounds good. :) I'm glad I could help get the word out about the crossposter - it's a great tool.

@cassolotl I tried most of those, but without success. And I have to use the words federated/decentralized and instance/server, or else they think they have to join and not my instance (or any other). I even have had a question if they need to join all the instances they like. Comparing it with email helps a bit.

@cassolotl If only worked for instances whose federation domain is different from their hostname :(

@seanl Ohhh yeah, I forgot that there was something weird going on there! :S

@cassolotl Actually I guess it does work if I use the hostname instead of the federation domain but that's wrong.

@seanl Yeah, it is. It needs to be easy for people who don't know that stuff (eg: me)!

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