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I declare .

I'm fed up of "coming out" days that ask trans people to come out in an unsafe world, doing all the risky stuff, while cis people ignore us.

Today, 14th Oct, every year, the onus is on cis people to buy cake for their , and otherwise genderly-interesting friends.

@acrata I'm wondering if there is a way to set up an annual automatic alert (with a few days' warning too) that people could subscribe to. 🤔

@cassolotl can I just say that I love 'genderly interesting' as a phrase

@luluberlu Yes! You just have to be like "I deserve nice things and to be celebrated just for being trans and surviving as best I can!" when you give it to yourself. :D

@luluberlu Oh I see! :D Well, if you know the trans person likes those things then I feel that you are doing it right!

@cassolotl I wanted to share this on another website, but I had to delete it basically immediately. There's so much hate in the world, and I am so tired.

@TheyCallMeMo Oh gosh, that's awful. :( Take care of yourself! <3

transphobia (slurs), general insensitivity 

Within seconds of posting a screenshot of this toot, I got a message saying "Why are we baking cakes for trannies just because their trans, should we bake cupcakes for midgets because their midgets"

@cassolotl that's what i'm going to do today. get lots of people to buy me cake. :3

@cassolotl I too want a cake. Maybe one of those vanilla cakes with the colored sugar bits inside. With chocolate frosting.

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