Maybe it could be nice to have a thing like but for ?

Like, the challenge is to make an A6 page (quarter A4) every day, with prompts provided if you need them, and at the end you put them together into a zine and make copies and then folks can trade a lot. :)

Testing some names...

Zinetember 😎
Zinetober <-- TAKEN
Zinecember 🙈

@jjg Me too! I think I'm gonna try it, and see if anyone else joins in.

I'm not entirely opposed to the name ... XD

I could make a printable A4 PDF with page numbers on it, and then folks could just print it, zineify it, and then photocopy-cut-staple it at the end. (Or stitch it, I like to stitch my zines because staplers are the work of the devil.)

@cassolotl Is making the pages digitally and printing them not allowed with zines?

@Anke Nah, you can totally make them digitally. I'm going to be doing that with my next one! The printable thing would just be to make things easier for people who like to do things that way. :)

@xuv Ohhh that website is cool! But would we be able to publish zines there that are not one-page mini-zines?

@cassolotl hmm. One page? It's 8 pages. I'm not sure I understand your question. But the format on is very "strict" indeed. 8 pages. No more, no less. But that's also a nice way to frame a zine. Anyway, as with any #zanuary or else, people can choose their own adventure. It would just be a nice suggestion and platform for distribution.

@xuv I guess instead of saying one page I should have said 1 sheet. My plan is for folks to make 1 page per day and send up with a 32-page A6 zine, and I don't know if the 1-sheet 8-page zine website would accommodate that? If they do then brilliant, I'm up for it!

@cassolotl oh, I get it now. I misunderstood the #zanuary project then. I thought it was, a mini-zine posted "every day". :)

@cassolotl well. 32 is a multiple of 8. So they could post it there in 4 episodes ;)

@xuv Hehehe, that is true! That could be fun!

@cassolotl the feature I like the most with is they bring back the concept of a "unique copy" to the digital world. You choose your format (a4, us legal) and then you generate a numbered pdf. Which makes it yours and yours only. It suddenly becomes valuable because the creator gets the number 1 "print". Subsequent dowloaders have a different number each time. It becomes a tradable object.

@cassolotl Oh man not sure if I'll have time in November but I could use some... Not "motivation", but maybe "structure" like this to work on mine, and making it a monthly Thing of sort is a great idea!

@seaw Awesome! :D I have a zines group on Telegram, are you in that (yet)??

@cassolotl Am not! You have too many groups! :p I don't consider myself an Official Zine Person yet. Maybe when I have actually started the thing!

@seaw It is for if you like to read zines as well as if you like to make them. Plus you contributed to my zine, and maybe someone else will put out a call for submissions that makes you go "oooooo"! So I feel like you'd fit in well in the group. But if it still doesn't sound like your thing that is totally fine, of course!

@cassolotl I'm in for Zineuary! Or maybe Zarch. -_^ Need something to get through the long, sad end of winter.

@bouncinglime Zarch! :D Very good. I think the printables would work for any month so it sounds good to me!

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