A sort of demographic-y survey for Mastodon users!

I'm curious to see what we "look like" and I love to make surveys and then graph the results and share them, so here it is:

I will share the graphs with you all at some point shortly after the survey closes.

Please share this far and wide so that we get results from as many instances as possible! Thank you. :)

39 responses already! Not bad. :) Thanks! Plz consider boosting if you haven't already? <3

PLEASE NOTE! I closed the survey for a couple of minutes to add a couple of questions, so if you still have your "thanks for taking part" tab open, please consider clicking "edit your response" to answer the extra questions! :)

Another plug for my demographics survey of Mastodon users before I go to sleep:

Do the form! Boost the toot! Thank you~

@cassolotl Shout out to this survey for allowing for checkboxes, bless up

@jasminehenry One-thing-only radio buttons, they're not often very helpful! I dislike them.

@cassolotl I reject one thing only buttons like a reject the dang binary

@cassolotl Just replied o/
Just for the record, I checked some « I never used it » which actually meant « I used to use it but don’t anymore but this is absolutely unrelated to Mastodon » because it felt like the closest answer.

@Shalena That is fine and good and makes sense! Thank you. I just changed the "I use it the same as before Mastodon" to say "My use of it is unaffected by Mastodon" but your answers are also basically correct so it's all good!

@cassolotl Well if you’ve never used it, technically your use is also unaffected by Mastodon 🙄
(Sorry, I’m a poll-nitpicker)

@Shalena Yeah, it's a badly designed question. :S I need to do better if I do this again!

@ikolam No problem at all, happy to be doing it! :)

@cassolotl Cool, thanks for running this! Sorry to nitpick, but any chance you'd be interested in using or rather than Google Forms for future surveys? I'm just kinda paranoid about sharing personal info with Google...

@dukhovni I will consider it, but I can't guarantee I will use it. Thank you, I will bookmark the link to have a closer look.

@cassolotl and on google forms, no less! That should go down well with the privacy conscious people on Mastodon!..

@rysiek I know right?? But It's the best way I know to do a survey for free, you don't have to log in, etc. So, I just went for it. It's not like I was going to get a representative sample anyway. ;)

@cassolotl I really need to find out how to use that carrier-pidgeon interface!

@Seipas Thank you for voicing your objections. I'm thinking there are going to be a lot of people unable or unwilling to take part for this reason, but knowing for sure helps a lot.

@cassolotl I concur with @dukhovni and @rysiek, google form means there is no way I am going to participate.

Also, what methodology is that? Changing the questions and the form along the way? Are you sure? 🤔

@arcans @dukhovni @rysiek I understand! Thank you for telling me, that's helpful. As for the methodology - I am an amateur survey person and I added two questions (no big deal? i think?? could be wrong) and modified one question slightly (but that question was a bit dodgy anyway) - I will include this information in the report so that people understand what I did and how that might affect results.

@cassolotl @dukhovni @rysiek
You should *NEVER* change the questions during a survey, because people won't necessarily answer the same way to two different version of the same question (especially in the case of badly written ones, as you mention), which means that you cannot compare the results of the different versions of the form. So yeah, it is a big deal. 😕

@arcans @dukhovni @rysiek If this was a serious survey or more of a big deal or in association with the Mastodon devs in any way I wouldn't have changed the survey.

@cassolotl @dukhovni @rysiek Well, I guess I am a spoilsport then, sorry about that. 😕

@cassolotl @arcans @dukhovni ah that was a nice exchange of ideas. I did some surveying on one of the CCCs, wrote a (*shudders*) node.js thing for it, should probably release it some day. ;)

@tcql I'm not sure yet! When I'm getting very few responses per day, I will close it. Hopefully I'll blog the results a day or two later, but if disability kicks my ass it'll take longer.

@cassolotl @tcql maybe when you get certain amount of responses, say 1000? ;)

@self @tcql That could take a while, but I'm up for it! ;) The nonbinary stats survey I do every year got 10,000 responses this year, oh my gosh, I don't think Google Sheets could handle that! :D I've managed 3,000 on Google Sheets though so I could probably get more than that.

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