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feeling meh tonight but it's okay. can't get me down

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everyone on the fediverse: please... please implement account migration........

eugen: did you say, a profile directory sorted by user popularity? sure, right on it!

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since it's our first weekly #FortuneFriday here's a link to my shop where i have a few things for sale. the crystal storage box i just finished is listed there too now!

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in all seriousness, dont worry about popularity
it will only get to your head trust me
it aint worth
its better to have a few nice mutuals

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people who cancel others without compelling personal reasons 

tea advent day 4 

My IDT package form gave me a bad paper cut... Did my PCR call for a blood sacrifice?

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along with the exhortations to new folks to use content warnings, I would like to exhort masto veterans to be patient with new users, and to *please* include explanations of common abbreviations so the new folks can get a handle on them. examples:
pol = politics
uspol = US politics
mh = mental health
tf = transformation
+/- signs = positive or negative modifiers, so "uspol +" would refer to a story about US politics that is actually good (for a change).

feel free to reply to this with other common-ish examples if you can think of them!

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new users: just so you know the etiquette here, you have to semi-ironically beg for lots of followers till you get them, then delete your account and make us refollow you on 7 new alts across different instances. it's kind of an initiation around these parts

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getting followers and attention on here feels exactly the same as playing one of those like cookie clicker types of games. it means nothing you just like to see the number go up

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new folks: remember that mastodon has been here a lot longer than you. speak, of course, but also listen.

Hiya! I'm a 22 y/o PhD student in genetics & I go by they/them pronouns. I make when I have free time and I like , ( + ), , and . I'm a bit interested in but I am super new!!

:genderfluid_flag: :bisexual_flag: :asexual_flag: :kirby_walk:

I run a discord server helping ppl with their study habits & bringing academics together from different disciplines CHECK IT OUT!!:

Thanks for stopping by!!

I'm going to post a new introduction post since my old one says I'm a soon-to-be PhD student but those suckers fell for it and admitted this idiot to their university

Wait so why was there a sudden influx of new users can someone fill me in

tea advent day 3 

drink (non-alcoholic) 

Open poll: what color should I set my mechanical keyboard to?

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I'm french and sometimes i go to the boulangerie there is no baguette left, can you imagine the pain..?

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