the final in my castle series

witness a future for those bound to live in the shadow of their castle

~5 minutes, web, keyboard, background music

i have a now!! gonna try to do some stuff on it in september -- i made an 8x8 toggle panel for editing bitsy sprites a while back and im gonna try to hook it up

hello i'm candle
i like to make games in
i like making tools for creativity
i like utena & legend of the galactic heroes
i like shitposting

a for the

return to the forgotten depths of a drowned kingdom

~5 minutes, web, keyboard, background music

showing 200+ bitsy games at egx rezzed in london as part of the leftfield collection!!

im candle. im im im i was learning french to speak on and i hope i can still do that anyway. i've also been learning some

hello to you all


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