flickguy: a tool for making picrew-likes

draw the options then export and share with friends to let them make a little guy

they can remix to add new details to their guy, or make their own guy maker

tool: kool.tools/flickguy/
demo (by @coleoptera): kool.tools/flickguy/demo.html

thanks to em, sean, jazz for testing/feedback

thanks pine for making the palette i'm using

thanks stephen lavelle for making flickgame which was a big inspiration to this tool

@candle there are a few good ones in there. Didn't want to overwork it :D

@candle @coleoptera i love it but i Accidentally hit back on mine amd it erased it aaa

pixel dragon eye contact 

@candle @coleoptera I made a maker for making me n various other drgns!

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