domino is a web tool for creating mind maps / thought collages / essays and sharing them as standalone web pages

check it out and gimme feedback

@candle we finished the board we were working on!

we were thinking of putting it on - I don't know if you want domino listed as an engine on there...

- 🐍

@packbat woo! feel free to add it as an engine if you want, i could never work out if the itch people were updating their list

@candle fair enough! I wanted to ask because there's a checkbox for "this is my engine that I made", so I figured I should ask before submitting it for inclusion.

- 🐍

@candle noticing that it never seems to get out of "opening this project for the first time..." mode, so ... will update on the status of things tomorrow, I guess

- 🐍💧

@packbat i don't think i understand... a problem with domino?

@candle I have no idea what's going on - it's just sitting on this animation.

Tried opening it in a different browser, tried re-zipping and reuploading, tried turning off all the tracker blockers and ad blockers, nothing. Not sure what it's doing but will keep you updated.

- 🐍

@packbat ohhh looks like a weird itch io thing huh... can you share the secret link with me and i'll see if i can see any signs of the issue?

@candle Is it okay if I ask a question about CSS for domino? I have an effect I'd like to add to the board I started.

- 📇 🖌️ 🦊

@candle I want to use the left and right half of the board to indicate the two different parts of the thing I'm talking about, and I think a vertical stripe through the center of the 0 column would help the reader keep track of where that split is.

- 🦊

@packbat looking into this, and was going to suggest something, but it's actually surprisingly tricky... will ponder this more

@candle No worries and no rush - thank you for looking into it!

- 🦊

@candle random: I discovered today that you can add alt text to a card that doesn't have an image on it and the text-to-speech still reads it

which was actually super useful! we could include some blank cards and have the alt-text explain that they were blank and why.

- 🦊 ✨

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