made a lil essay in domino. it's about the idea of a self replicating self modifying web tool:

@candle ...would it be odd to write in the margins of this essay and send a copy of those scribbles to you?

it feels thematically appropriate but you didn't offer to let us do this so we think we should ask

- 🐲

@packbat thank you! i agree about bitsy, and in fact my personal definition of a bitsy "hack" is anything that isn't directly supported by the editor--not being able to playtest in the editor when using hacks is a huge turn off for me

@candle *nods*

plus, bitsy documentation is ... ah, this is a very negative form of feedback, but they're /profoundly/ inadequate?

the /official docs/ are a tutorial for beginners written by someone else that the editor links to

it's such a cool little platform with such a wonderful aesthetic but it's really lacking in resources for hermits like us making games in a cave by ourselves

- 🐲

@packbat i think it's fair to say the bitsy knowledge operates almost entirely on an oral tradition, which is not ideal

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