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domino is a web tool for creating mind maps / thought collages / essays and sharing them as standalone web pages

check it out and gimme feedback

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the final in my castle series

witness a future for those bound to live in the shadow of their castle

~5 minutes, web, keyboard, background music

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UK GRA petition 

if you twat me one, im getting you done. thats consequences

im getting extra ribs added to my ribcage so i can't even suck other people's dicks

the inverted the y-axis on the mario allstars fludd controls and i simply cannot play this gmae

british computer users be like better upgrade my computer crisps

Seeing a lot of opinions on the tl about Sitting™ in video games, a lot of ignorant opinions actually

so buckle up, it's time to talk about e-chairs


Further on the virtual conferencing disaster yesterday, @candle took a screenshot of how huge my custom avatar was showing up, which I was unable to see and hence thought I was like, a regular size rather than the symposium giantess

hannibal amv 

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