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oh i guess i should announce here, i released flicksy 2!

is a tool for drawing and assembling graphical hypertext games

flicksy 2 is remake written in plain javascript, with improved drawing tools and vastly improved scripting capability


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domino is a web tool for creating mind maps / thought collages / essays and sharing them as standalone web pages

check it out and gimme feedback

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the final in my castle series

witness a future for those bound to live in the shadow of their castle

~5 minutes, web, keyboard, background music

👨🏿‍🔧 Data, what are you doing jumping around all over the place collecting bananas?
👨🏻‍⚕️ Sorry to startle you, Geordi. I'm trying out a new "Donkey Kong 64" module.

gamestop stuff, sweet relief lmao 

discord integration that tells everyone when you're browsing amazon, to match the ones that tell people you're using spotify or playing cyberpunk

Wrote about the PF launch chaos and how seeing people make fun of it on other platforms gave me quite mixed feelings, & our expectations going into smaller, less corporatized internet spaces:

Finally put this up publicly on twitter so I'll post it again here.

Here's my new experiment in distributing writing: If you've written anything about DIY, small games, or anti-capitalist tech and transform it into a .pdf booklet, I'll print it and distribute it at cost for you through Plaintext Distro at online zine fairs

This is not (currently) a profit-making endeavor, to be clear. I don't want people putting themselves out too much to make new work. It's very old-school zine economics in that it's about the satisfaction of your work being out there in a different format and maybe breaking even.

If that's fine with you, especially if you already have work you distribute for free digitally and want to try something different with, then let me know!! I will do my best to be able to offer any submissions I get thru mid-March at the Glasgow Zine Festival in April.


This was going to be a short post I SWEAR but I am finding Revenge Capitalism very good and productive for thinking about the ways people are forced or incentivized to regard themselves as "financial subjects"

once i used a lorem ipsum generator to add dummy content to a draft website i was developing, and it called a post "Cum Cum Distinctio"

Last year at Feral Vector, we ran an honest-to-goodness wrestling match: VIDEOGAMES vs ART: THE DECIDER

Some amazing friends turned it into a professionally lit, five camera shoot, and this week pulled a Christmas miracle out the bag. Here it is for everyone:

born in a hospital / raised in a school / reading and learning is very cool

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