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flickguy: a tool for making picrew-likes

draw the options then export and share with friends to let them make a little guy

they can remix to add new details to their guy, or make their own guy maker

demo (by @coleoptera):

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domino is a web tool for creating mind maps / thought collages / essays and sharing them as standalone web pages

check it out and gimme feedback

When I was young, I used to lament that I wasn't able to do anything special or impressive. And then I learned that everything special or impressive that I was seeing was taking a lot of practice to achieve and from then on I was like "Nah, I'm good".

are aliases for account migration instant? one of my ppl is having trouble with saying their migration destination isn't an alias of the account but they did set it up..

anyone know where in the admin interface i can set categories.. presumably it exists if i'm being told i haven't done it

looking at and not recognising any of the domains.. maybe that suggests that ppl don't use it

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experimenting with a small hometown instance for my friends.. any advice from small instance admins on whether i should look into "relays" and if so where to start? feel like maybe it's sufficient to simply rely on the follows of the instance users, or maybe that's really annoying for people i dunno

coal tits will be phased out and replaced with more sustainable wind tits

It's called the Metaverse because it has mostly been Met with Averse reactions

when brexit causes shipments to be delayed at Dover

the artist/writer of the jojo manga (hirohiko araki) made a cover for the scientific journal cell in 2007 by the request of some scientists who published an article there and it’s phenomenal

capitalism, energy stuff adjacent 

approaching the ideal form of capitalism where a captive customer pool the size of the entire population gives a huge amount of money to a company in return for no service or product at all; all the money goes directly to the company's shareholders

hate how easy it is to miss the "show more" button and open a toot in thread view instead...

alright what's up i'm poorly and i haven't slept in three days and this idea came to me as if bestowed by a demon. here's shrek elden ring :shrek:

time is being deprecated. please uhh update your clocks and calendars by destroying them

What is your favorite band?

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