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the final in my castle series

witness a future for those bound to live in the shadow of their castle

~5 minutes, web, keyboard, background music

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S4E16 Parasocial: Veronica becomes a dirtbag leftist but her podcast threatens to unravel her close relationships...

@coleoptera Humans in the 21st century performed this as part of a meditation ceremony, involving a [emphasis pause] "purification grave"

cursed throwback 

devoposting is real! (cursed) 

the "throw flour onto an invisible person to reveal them" trope but it's thrown on a regular visible person, revealing a dozen horrifying phantom appendages

Yesterday while we were walking around dundee Stephen asked why there's a church every 5 minutes on the main road and I was just like... church is pret of the soul and I'm still coming to terms with the gravity of that declaration

i have been forcibly reminded the voyager plates basically constitute a mixtape, unsolicited nudes, and directions to where we live

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