@calm smh i don't try to be pretentious, I just can't lay everything on the table, some things must be kept close to heart
@calm I too am me, only myself, only ever I. Sincerely and truly.
@calm Sounds euphoric, Naomi is my essence, my soul, her name.
@calm Hmm, the way we perceive the world is too different to reckon our interpretations of what it means to be ourselves.

We cannot comprehend ourselves for our biases forbid us - we can never have the capacity to know all about us for to do so would mean to become beyond us.

Forever trapped within this identity paradox, we choose to forget it, fight it, or embrace it. I am me, but me is unknowable.

@calm We can't comprehend anything as it simply is because we're limited by the ways in which we can understand and know things. Dimensions, light, our senses, our perspectives, our languages, are definitions, are biased, just translations of what things are. Even ignoring my magical and spiritual take on the world, we cannot see the 4th dimension, even if it exists, we can not see all kinds of light light, maybe there are senses we could have but don't have, and are not aware of.

We can not map out everything, and to map things is to reach a conclusion that inevitably robs them of some of their meaning. Everything exists as itself, truly, sincerely, an abstract, an essence. So long as you try and behold those things, so long as you decide what they are, you make them something else.

Step back, everything is right in front of you and in you and all around you. Why do we need figure ourselves out? We're right here, living as ourselves. Be sincere about that and you will be yourself. Truly, and only, yourself.

Hence the embrace.
To understand isn't to be. To be does not require understanding - it forbids it.
Embrace yourself as you are, in all of your enigmatic glory, and YOU shall follow. Through my lens I see what no one can, and I cannot see what everyone can - and that is the beauty of the infinite cosmic identity we all observe within ourselves - the complexities lead us to differences that gives us all an invaluable worth - 1/2

@calm That's good <3 Even if we differ a bit on the last part.
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@ihavebigtits @calm seriously. It is. Your whole Id can cave in trying think about it.
@calm @ihavebigtits no, psychology is only a result of the intersection between the infinite soul and the finite body
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