Luckily, Mastodon is not the only implementation of #fediverse. I am waiting for #Aardwolf to show what they offer, but if it takes too long, I will migrate to #hubzilla pretty soon.

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I certainly didn't miss other ones out there, the ideas, they were quite interesting and some other were apparently behind with their own ones btw.

So i guess it is evens stevens then.

I must have missed a few good ideas being away from here... 💻

I am not invisible anyway but i like being on it sometimes, just sayin'. 😆

Is anybody else having trouble bookmarking VOAT on their browser?

I got into and wonder if anybody noticed me? :animal_crossing:

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I have to meet with the title ix team soon and I'm already not ready for this idk if I have to dress professionally or cry or idk man

I am slaying a few accounts cos i am wasting their potential idling around and filling the people's follow list for nothing.

"Mastodon is a bad idea because I don't understand federation"
-- some newb

After death, an angel gave her a paper.
"Write your sins."
She wrote small, and filled it.
The angel held a book. "We wrote your kindness."

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