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Com a pandemia no início do ano eu tive que rever minhas metas para as seguintes:

1 - não morrer de fome
2 - não morrer de #covid

Falta algumas horas para eu bater minhas metas e é claro repetir ano que vem !


Isn't the whole point of federation that you can defederate from any instance, at any time, for whatever reason you want, and if some users don't like it, they can find a different instance and still interact with exactly the same crowd that they liked interacting with before?

No one is entitled to a captive audience!!! Sure, some people won't see your dick-flattening jokes now, cry harder about it?

Já acordei cansado e brabo. Academia é um ambiente estranho (eufemismo).

With the world in lockdown, most "white-collar" crime (AKA "world-destroying corruption and looting") now takes place over Zoom. If you witness such a crime, you might be tempted to record the meeting and leak it to a journalist.

But leaking Zoom recordings is seriously fraught because they are full of personally identifying details. Some of these are "traitor-tracing" mechanisms, others are intrinsic to Zoom, and still others come from your end of the recording.


here's a really long shot: anyone speak Malayalam?

I #amreading T. Thorn Coyle's novel "To raise a clenched fist to the sky", an urban fantasy story set in the late 60s. The protagonist is a young Black sorcerer who gets involved with the Black Panthers. I am enjoying it a lot! And the book is currently free on many e-retailer platforms!

@caesarologia Nunca usei nenhum deles, mas eu procuraria os aplicativos de código aberto

Eu acho legal instalar pelo f-droid pq eles inclusive fazem auditoria do código

Is there a meditation app that is privacy minded? That doesn’t collect all my phone data? Boosts welcome

Expectativa: agora o rodrigo maia chamou o bozoró de feio bobo xixi coco agora vai impixima chegando


Boost if you've ever texted on a flip phone

Recently found out that lemons are a hybrid between citron and sour orange, and aren't found in the wild. Turns out that life never gave us lemons, we invented them.


I’m new to Mastodon! Well, mostly. I was on another instance but there wasn’t any moderator around.

I am done with Facebook and Twitter, for privacy and for suspending accounts for minor reasons or no reason and for the use of algorithms and last but not least, the ads.

I own a small business in a big city. I am a mom to 3 kids and 1 dog and 1 cat.

I read that one writes an introduction here so hello and I hope to find a new social media home.

👋 #Introduction #introductions

Ah, uma informação importante!

A gente baixou do nosso teto de usuários, então vou abrir de novo inscrições por alguns dias :)

Vale lembrar, se você já tem conta aqui há mais de um mês, você pode convidar amigues, indo aqui: a qualquer momento, mesmo com as inscrições fechadas.

Se você não tem e sempre quis se mudar aqui pro masto.donte, a hora é agora :)

-- @renatolond

My new job gave me a work-from-home allowance and I'd like to spend it on items that people already down and are looking to sell/recycle. Here's my list. If you have of any these things you'd like to sell send me a DM. I need to get a receipt / bill of sale to expense it but I'd prefer to buy from you than amazon/ebay.

I guess it's the fact that I don't know how to raise my kids and prepare them to a world that will be crumbling all around them.

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