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Really interesting article.

I Lived Through A Stupid Coup. America Is Having One Now | by Indi Samarajiva | indica | Nov, 2020 | Medium

YouTube no longer an acceptable platform for course lecture or academic talk content:

Unless, of course, you and your university are comfortable with your students or other audience members being subject to advertisements that interrupt the lectures and are beyond your control both in their placement and content.

People who write video conferencing software

Make a "practice sharing your presentation slides or screen" mode, please

Why some onions are nice and other onions just ravish our eyes?

I just started Barefoot Gen. am I going to cry a lot?

I’m watching “Expelled from paradise” again.

Quer ajudar a melhorar o OpenStreetMap mas não sabe como e por onde começar aqui vão algumas dicas e links para quem quer começar
LearnOSM tem tutoriais para quem estar começando é um ótimo ponto de partida
No canal do OSM BR tem uma playlist com tutoriais feitos pela comunidade
Que tal começar editando seu bairro?? com Street Complete você pode ter acesso a pequenas tarefas para mapear

🔁 boost da amizade!!

every day the internet curses me further

and yet I keep returning

If you're still undecided which console to go with this generation, people have figured out that they can float ping-pong balls on the Series X vent... so I think we have a clear winner.

I meet it earlier today in the trail. I don't think I've ever been this close to any kind of deer.

US pol 

Chorei de alívio e abracei meu filhote agora.

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