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In the past I've felt a lot of pressure, guilt, and anxiety at the end of a year.

I just wanted to reach out and say to all of you:

You are enough.

Whether you had goals and accomplished them or simply survived this year, I am glad you're here.

You don't need to justify your existence to anyone.

Time is an artificial construct; the end of the year doesn't have to mean anything unless you want it to.

You're amazing, and you're here, and that's enough.


me *crying*: you can't just go around calling everything an apple

colonial age europeans:
pomme de terre. pineapple. pomegrenade. persian apple. honigapfel.

Tem família bagunçada e família bagunçada. Hoje o Natal é na bagunçada.

Update: it has been brought to my attention that this may be a feature specific to Mozilla's Facebook Container extension (which is built on top of Container Tabs):

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On a budget this holiday season? You can have a Star Wars viewing party of your own by going outside on a clear night, picking two stars, and declaring they're at war.

"Fuck 'em up," you might whisper to your preferred star, quietly, so as not to annoy your neighbors.

One of the benefits of Firefox's "Container Tabs" approach to limiting tracking is that it makes the invisible visible. For example: why is there an invisible Facebook tracker in the order confirmation emails I receive from Amazon? Pretty sure this is not in line with GDPR.

When you have a sports fan wearing a jersey for his team that has been customized with his name

That's a self-insertion cosplay

I will admit that I enjoy using Instagram, and I cannot wait for a mobile Pixelfed app to become available.

Programming Job Search? 

why does the proletariat, the largest of the classes, not simply eat the other classes?

How's everyone doing?
My son is taking his nap and I'm not grading like I should be.

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