fuck racists.

to the racist reading this: fuck you.

What I’m suggesting is we actually make capitalism’s goals align with ours, as human beings, as parents, as Americans. Instead of maximizing these capital efficiency measurements, we should be maximizing our own health and life expectancy, our children’s education and success rates, our mental health and freedom from substance abuse, our environmental sustainability. Then we can line up the power of the markets with how we are doing. But the markets do not care one whit about us and our children

Maybe I don't need therapy.
Maybe I need less capitalism.

Damn you, Disney! Making me cry in trailers is just mean...

I said this in a reply to someone but I want to offer this message to everyone on here: it's ok to be sad on main and require some reassurance from your friends

So hard to stop eating chocolate... Send help!

@bgcarlisle Another new meme you're starting? The citrus humble brag? 🍊

Today, I had the lime of my life!

Trabalhar pro governo do Ceará (que tá precisando)
A quatro quadras da praia
As vagas tão no GitHub

Se candidata se, gente - TEM futuro no trabalho com o governo! (E rala mto mais que empresa privada, dependendo do seu sangue nozóio)

My car broke. AAA took it to a shop. I'm broke too. And now I got the sads...

“The web is not merely reduced to five giant sites, each filled from screenshots from the other four, it's also a near-monoculture of browsers, almost all of them controlled by tech giants who have been complicit in both commercial and state surveillance, including surveillance by the world's most notorious torturing and murdering autocracies.”

Note to members of scholar.social 

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