#COVID19 a população afro-brasileira que a anos sobrevive com "estado mínimo", ou seja sem ter acesso a serviços públicos básicos.

Nessas últimas semanas está tendo que sobreviver sem trabalho, renda ou qualquer auxílio do estado.

Se "meritocracia" fosse séria eu e meus irmãos iríamos esbanjar luxo como estrelas de hip-hop!

Almost finished building my fake GameBoy console, powered by Debian.

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Pelos dados do Google, RS tá melhor que Ohio no isolamento.

colonialismo, escravidão, europeu sendo escroto 

palmtop is a much better word than smartphone. why did people stop using it?

For the night crawlers a repeat: Yesterday marked the full bloom of the Cherry Blossom in Kyoto Japan. Normally a day of celebration of spring.
They have logged this day since the year 812, giving us an impressive long term perspective, with climate change impact visible.

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/Datagraver/#bot]

I am not burning through my to-be-read pile. I am not walking 20K steps per day or making delicious meals. My podcast will keep coming out, and that’s my win.

If you’re doing great, creative things, good for you!
If you’re doing the bare minimum, good for you!

I miss sequoia national park so much that sometimes it hurts.

Does LineageOS support eSIM?

Please retoot. Cannot find any information.


Em resumo: talvez Bolsonaro seja inimputável porque não dispõe de si.

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