Se o vizinho de um conhecido de um amigo do seu primo mandar um vídeo no WhatsApp dizendo que se jogou da ponte e foi promovido no trabalho, você se joga também?

Sonny Colbrelli levou o Paris-Roubaix numa corrida que foi disparado a melhor que já vi.

If you had an idea for a story and then you put that story into words (in full or in progress)

then you are cool as heck.

I will accept no arguments on this.

Cool As Heck!


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I hope I can finish it before classes begin though! 🤣

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My Introduction to Latin American Cinema syllabus is turning out great! I’m excited.

covid positive, plea to convince others to get vaccinated 

I ask that everyone who got a covid vaccine -especially if you were vaccine hesitant before- to convince or help at least one other person to get the vaccine. Then get them to do the same.

If you need help with any random questions they might have, even the weird ones, I’m happy to answer what I can and provide links, if you want.

The Delta variety is bad, especially for young people/children. Causes brain damage. Get vaccinated.

Por que tanto phishing por SMS, minha gente?

Okay but hear me out

a gender neutral term for a person getting married is


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can i get a "fuck fireworks, all my pals like peace and quiet" going in the chat

"Hotter than the human body can handle: Pakistan city broils in world’s highest temperatures"


"Its mixture of heat and humidity has made it one of only two places on earth to have now officially passed, albeit briefly, a threshold hotter than the human body can withstand."

I've been once in an area with 51°C, it lasted only for 2-3 days and only during middays. It wasn't really possible to do anything, except laying in the shade and drinking water, waiting for the evening.

hey vegans, did you know you can be vegan without importing white christian notions of purity and insufferable moral absolutism that totally ignores indigenous peoples' food methods?

did you know being a vegan is not an individualist alternative to collectively fighting the systems of capitalist and colonialist control that lead to animal (inc. human) exploitation, and that if you didn't you're likely acting within bourgeois democracy?

maybe pause to consider these before you write a zine.

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