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Hey, now that people are around:
Why does everyone keep talking about slime? I don't get it and feel like I'm missing out on the joke. Thanks

everyone please look at this, it's very important and making me cry

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I'm reading about sculpture, and apparently the third most valuable sculpture in the world is a 5000 year old buff furry lion

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(My best friend is asleep right now so you lot get me being overearnest about humanity instead, thanks)

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We talk about the negative parts of technology a lot and I think that's important, but I think it's also important to remember that things we take for granted would have been magical for most of human history
I'm listening to recorded music, instantly communicating with people across several continents at once, I've got artificial lights on and I've not even gotten out of my (memory foam!) bed

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queer as a noun is a slur

queer as an adjective is an identity

queer as a verb is a party

Feeling better today! I bought a new external drive to back up my laptop, because I feel like it's silly that in 2018 I'm using an external drive that needs to be connected to the mains to work. Kind of excited!

Just powered on my old DS after not touching it for ~5 years and the battery was still charged??

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