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the university of edinburgh have created an interactive map of witch trials in scotland

just as every plane carrying the president becomes Air Force One, any bus that contains the Vengaboys is automatically considered the vengabus and must be referred to as such by all US air traffic control stations

Biomarker for chronic fatigue syndrome identified—Stanford scientists devised a blood-based test that accurately identified people with chronic fatigue syndrome, a new study reports by Hanae Armitage

Early days yet, but great just to know there's work being done & hope for the future #CFS #ME #CFSME

i built an art bot but it's not on mastodon and it's not on that bird cloud. it's only in my living room

Finished everything on my to-do list two days in a row! I am a hypercompetent 90s businesswoman. I have achieved so much I spontaneously generated shoulderpads. I am majestic.

This is the best popup a website has ever given me.

Talking about horoscopes rn, and I think I'd enjoy them more if I wasn't a Scorpio? Whenever my friends talk about stereotypes for their signs they're like, nuanced and interesting. Scorpio means hearing "you're a pervert... but goth" every time you look up astrology, and it gets kinda old

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There's been SO much research on chronic fatigue over the past few years, & it's difficult to express how exciting the possibility of a cure feels.

Every time I hear someone say, like, "technology is bad & we should abolish society", it's hard to read as anything other than them thinking I should be bedridden for the rest of my life.

If your take on tech doesn't acknowledge how much it can improve the lives of disabled ppl, you're not informed enough to decide we should abolish society.

everyone please look at this, it's very important and making me cry

Reading Wikipedia entries for cat breeds is hilarious, because most of it is super informative but you can tell that the editors are all cat lovers and sentences like this slip in:

Instead of gritty reboots of gentle things, I'd like it if we could have gentle reboots of gritty things. Fallout, but it's a children's cartoon. Watchmen as a dating sim. Game of Thrones as a vintage BBC sitcom. That sort of thing

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I've been mostly housebound since I was 11 and it is fucking magical to get to talk to other people without leaving my bed, because I can remember when that wasn't an option. Hearing people talk shit about the thing that stops me being entirely alone, because they are not using it in a way that makes them happy, kind of sucks!

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Like, obviously there's stuff to talk about there - there's a LOT of people talking about feeling addicted to social media, to the degree that we should probably teach people about moderation etc. The way that most tech/social media companies treat their users is evil.
But having a way to communicate with people in your pocket isn't inherently bad and I wish people wouldn't frame it that way

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It bums me out to see people complaining about phones lowering their quality of life, when it's actually the way they're using their phone. Half the time the problem is like "I can't stop checking Instagram" or "people on twitter are really mean". If you interact with people you like, and try not to follow people who make you feel bad, phones can be really nice

Buried in the IPCC report are three "storylines of possible worlds"—example scenarios based on different conditions. I found it very helpful. [p. 174 on, massive PDF]

E. g. "summer sea ice has not completely disappeared from the Arctic", "the intensive area required for the production
of bioenergy sets pressures on food prices driving elevated rates of food insecurity", and "the world as it was in 2020 is no longer recognizable".

I really want to reread Homestuck, but I've got so many books I haven't finished and Homestuck is SO long

(This is from Robert Hass' translation of Kobayashi Issa, if you're interested!)

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Wasn't expecting these 18th century haikus to sound like modern day discourse, but I'm enjoying it

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