This is the best popup a website has ever given me.

Glad to finally see some coverage of Olivia Colman's skills as a necromancer

I want to go a lot. Most of my granddad's family are buried in Tower Hamlets cemetery and I want to visit them. There's some cool paintings I want to see too! If I was healthy I would go for like a week and be really touristy about everything. But I'm not, and I don't know what I'll be up to and it kind of sucks

A friend suggested I come and see her in London this year, and I really want to! All the things I want to see are far away from each other and idk if I could do all the travel. She lives walking distance from the station I'd get off at, so seeing her would be really easy. But everything else is 40+ mins away and I can't even do that much travel in familiar places. I don't know if it's worth it.

Tiny bits of blue pigment in a medieval female skeleton were a big discovery for scientists, suggesting that women β€” not just monks β€” worked on making lavishly illustrated texts.

Songs about Courtney Love: Hollaback Girl, Professional Widow, Starfuckers Inc, Heart Shaped Box, I'll Stick Around, Bruise Violet. I found a playlist with 12 songs about her and it's for sure missing a bunch of them. I can't imagine what that would feel like!

Has any individual person inspired more hate songs than Courtney Love? A decent percentage of 90s alt rock was about her, and it's kind of impressive

I love moles so much and it's weird that there's just tiny soft mammals burrowing around underground.

It's interesting how the rate of improvement isn't linear! 1wpm to 70wpm took 6 months, and 70wpm to 100wpm took 12. I guess because I don't really have need to type extra fast in day to day life?

Just got 103wpm in Dvorak :) So excited! My goal is to be able to comfortably maintain 120, and I'm so close to that. This time last year I was at 70wpm, and I'm hoping I can reach my goal by next year.

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A stranger DMed me something really nice on reddit, even after i mentioned being a lady. People is sometimes kind!!

When I got my septum pierced I figured I'd buy one of her clickers, but by the time it was healed they were gone. Exactly the same thing happened with my daith! Maybe the next time they're available I should buy a fistful of rings just in case. Like a tiny goth dragon

Every couple of years Maria Tash stops making titanium jewellery, then a couple of years later brings it back. I don't know if it's artificial scarcity or if she's telling the truth that it sucks to machine all the tiny hinges, but she does the best clickers and I miss them. Eagerly anticipating their return in like 2020, I guess

Is there a way to mute toots posted from a specific client? My mute list is 95% people using crossposters, and I'd like to just mute the crossposting apps and be done with it. Cheers!

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blocking/muting doesn't have to mean anything, really. sometimes i just look at a person and their personality and think, "we will bring each other no joy, and i can see no benefit in our ever interacting." why did i block you? shit, man, why not? i'm not obligated to give access to myself to strangers. i don't care how nice they are, or if they're a good person. some people are just never gonna be friends. it's fine.

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