the x-files intro is all time. just look at that shit. cloud formations. a fingerprint. a germinating seed. one of those wacky lightning balls that you can touch at theme park gift shops. fucking incredible. all time. if you don't like it I'll come to your house and give you a wedgie

MULDER: And so, because of profiling and also crimes, I banged the hot vampire chick

SKINNER: Agent Mulder you’re way out of line

SMOKING MAN: No, no... I want to see where he’s going with this

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MULDER [throwing a can of baked beans at Scully]: Scully the beans are INSIDE the can, yet the can is sealed. You have to at least admit that it’s interesting

SCULLY [literally being dragged out of the window by aliens while an actual UFO hovers noisily and brightly over her house]: Mulder I just don’t think aliens real

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