"This is JUST like 1984," I loudly exclaim as I read the pages of the book '1984' by George Orwell

Norton begging for its life by offering me a better deal on an anti-virus subscription as I close in with a look of grim determination

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"Please sign in with a Microsoft account"
I don't want one
"Don't worry! You can remove it later once you've signed up."

"Please set up a PIN"
I don't want one
"Your device requires a PIN. Please set one now."

"Please tailor your advertising experience."
I don't want ads
"Great. We'll still show you ads, but please be aware they will be less personalised."

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every time I have to set up a new Windows 10 laptop I inch closer to becoming a full-on linux nerd tor browser gene hackman from Enemy of the State guy jesus aass fucking christ what a shitshow

the end of the world will be announced via a sponsored Facebook post from the government announcing that they have "partnered with the Rylengaki from Planet Zeta" for an "exciting new infrastructure opportuntity"

There are people in this world who, upon creating a new account/installing a new program etc, do not IMMEDIATELY go look at all the options, upload an avatar etc. These people terrify me. What a bizarre and trusting energy

Just had a thought that someone I had muted on FB for being insufferable was probably being EXTRA insufferable during this current pandemic and checked in with them to find I was totally right. My prize is that I have to live with having this fucked-up brain that I have wired to convert spite into dopamine

australian fucken politics 

A cool thing I like to do is bring a plate full of messy items back to my desk, take one of the messy items OFF the plate and then eat it and get crumbs all over my shirt and wonder why there are crumbs everywhere

seems like what the world needs right now is a little less "give and take" and a lot more "gib and take" [I reach for my gun but my wife slaps my hand away] goddammit

[upon being told any information at all] ahhhhh I see what's going on here. yep yep I get it. alright. alright. okay alright I get it. fair enough. I get it. I see what's happening. yep yep yep [this continues for five minutes until someone throws a blanket over my head]

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could god come up with a take so spicy even He couldn't post it

If anyone here likes the video game "Overwatch", I have written a very long essay about it and my thoughts after nearly a thousand hours of play: notsounwashed.com/2020/03/gett

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