thinking about humans building fake cities for kaiju to smash and setting out enormous football fields worth of snacks for them afterwards

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thinking about kaiju having meetings to discuss sustainable city-smashing practices

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thinking about godzilla picking up a bus and giving it a big kiss and then throwing it back

[extremely in-a-position-of-power voice] hmmm don't know about these accountability measures... do they go too far?

Hey yeah thanks I guess I have a question - well, it's more of a comment. Actually I suppose it's more of a statement. Now that I think about it, it's kind of a speech. Actually it's a short story. Alright it's a novel. Here is the first draft of my novel

people really be out here like [type type type] [words words words words] and we're all supposed to just read it? fuck off lmaooooooooo

[as if waking from a dream] Hm? Yes? Yes, I was thinking about the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory soundtrack, by Amon Tobin

ACAB in the streets... AMAB in the sheets

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CORPORATION: I would like to break the social contract please

GOVERNMENT: Yes of course. How can we help

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basically all of the policy wonk bullshit is a way to pretend all the hard work is math and logistics instead of emotional labor and making human connections

As soon as white people get woke about one big important issue like racism or trans rights or whatever they decide it's now safe to go hard on other smaller issues and they start posting about how much they hate terms like "fur babies" or saying "adulting" or whatever. Being correct about something is like catnip to these pasty motherfuckers

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Kamala Harris is going to be the VP nom because she's black *and* a cop and that's what Dems think "intersectional" means

Enjoying a beautiful sunny day and the lovely smell of freshly cut ass

just heard about the two roads diverging in a yellow wood... sad to hear how polarised everything is these days. hope they can keep an open mind. bless 🙏🙏🙏

me and the boys all in the Wickr group chat roasting a guy for gloating about murdering "imminent civilians" instead of "innocent civilians"

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I didn't work this hard on my gender for someone with a monoculture lawn to tell me I'm fighting against nature

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fuck around AND find out???? in THIS economy???

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