TIL the swiss jura of all places and watchmakers in particular were the heart of the anarchist movement at the time of the First International (the 1860s and 1870s). en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jura_Fed
Also a local tourist office will try to use everything as a marketing ploy even anarchism

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I made up these LGBT identity words show what it would be like if the words were built only from native Germanic English roots, instead of from Latin or Greek loan-words: (1717 characters, very long) Show more

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I'm tired because of getting in bed too late yesterday and have to deal with weird bugs at work, I'd much rather be at home knitting...

non-asians think forks are superior to chopsticks until you're trying to get pickled carrot sticks out of a pickle jar

Well today i checked at the lost and found office, but no glove. Hopefully the remaining yarn is enough for another one

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Hardly more than two weeks and i already left one glove in the Tram, lets hope it gets found

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Wisst ihr wer seinen Prozess verloren hat und wessen Namen doch veröffentlicht werden darf?

Genau, der Typ der in seiner Freizeit Ärzt*innen anzeigt, weil sie darüber informieren, dass sie Schwangeschaftsabbrüche durchführen: Yannic Hendricks.

Falls ihr also mal wen kennenlernt der Yannic Hendricks heißt und der in Kleve Mathematik studiert, dann sagt ihm bitte von mir das es eine Arschmade ist. Dankö.

OH: wenn „PoE“ Power over Ethernet bedeutet ist „PPPoE“ dann Drehstrom over Ethernet?

Thank, it's not really more complicated than socks. The only bad part is having to weave in so many threads

I seem to have forgotten that a pair of gloves doesn't contain two right gloves...

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