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Vielleicht funktioniert das ja hier, gerne boosten:
Ich suche einen Job in , am liebsten Softwareentwicklung. Ich habe als letztes Bildverarbeitung (hauptsächlich 3D) + GUI in C++ gemacht. Auch wenn mir das Spaß gemacht hat, würde ich auch andere Dinge machen. Außer C++ kann ich auch Python und habe Erfahrung in technischer Redaktion und 2nd Level Support

Look I finally finished spinning the first yarn I started on my wheel! It's undyed finsheep in several natural colours (white, brown, grey). I don't have too much experience with different sheep breeds but finsheep is great, it's definitely wooly but not too scratchy and it's a rather old breed!

Wie beide Züge mit denen ich gefahren bin deutlich Verspätung hatten, aber ich trotzdem nur mit 2 min Verspätung in Leipzig ankam

Hilfe ich bin in einer Diskussion über die Vorzüge von freier Software gegenüber Open source gefangen.
Proprietäre Software wurde gerade mit Sklaverei verglichen...

I just found a pattern for the most amazing alpaca sweater on Ravelry! I'm just so amazed I have to share it.

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Liebe Menschen, die ihren Geschlechtseintrag nach §45b PStG („dritte Option“) geändert haben: Habt ihr eine binäre Änderung gemacht, „divers“ eintragen lassen oder den Eintrag ganz streichen lassen?

[Rein persönliches Interesse, Boost ok]

Also wer sowas machen will, bitte melden. Vielleicht geht ja was? :trans_heart: :rainbow_flag: 🏕🦄

How to define North and South? Looking for answers, boosts welcome! 

Look who finally finished an WIP that was laying almost finished for at least one and half years!

Also the surronding countryside is also really nice. It is hard to believe that this small stream here will become one of the biggest rivers in Europe (it's the Danube)

They had a lot more crafts there but I didn't took enough pictures.
Should you ever be in that area (lake Constance, swabian alb) I highly recommend a visit. You can also volunteer there, which I may consider to do as my vacation one of the next years...

They also have agriculture with sheep, goats, chicken, pigs, bees, vegetable and herb gardens and some smallish fields for lentils and grains.

of course they also have textile production with spinning and dying wool and flax. weaving the yarn and sewing garments and things. I think this is the first time I saw a working warp-weighted loom and they are so ingeniously simple and at the same time useful!

there is also a smithy, and a greenwood turner using the simplest of tools

there is a potterer working with a kind of wheel driven by a stick. The clay used is dug out and refined on site.

I haven't shown you any pics from my trip to Campus Galli until now! They are building a carolingian monastic community with the techniques and tools of the 9th century, and it's so fascinating!

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