And coming home to a broken washing machine... The culprit seems to be an IC and some more small electronic. Apparently this is a frequent problem as there are sets you can buy with the IC and some condensators... Let's hope for the best

First day at work after 3 weeks of holiday started with over an hour of overtime...
I should really look for another job wich will be either nicer or less stressful...

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Now hopefully with working images:
Ireland vacation update: the food is very tasty, the hills are very nice and hilly and the sheep are very fluffy!

Ireland vacation update: the food is very tasty, the hike are very nice and hilly and the sheep are very fluffy!

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Can I interest you fine geeks in the #BrokenEarth trilogy by #NKJemisin? If you like one or more of these:

- A well-told, fast-paced epic tale in a finished trilogy
- A sympathetic and complex cast of characters
- Most of whom are WOC including a Black leading woman
- An original world that feels like a living, breathing place
- A thoughtful treatment of race, oppression and abuse
- Queer folx galore

Then boy are you in for a treat.

Ich hab schon so oft darüber geschrieben – wenn auch meistens unbeabsichtigt. Und jetzt endlich seh ich einen. Einen Krakenwagen.

@f2k1de BT hat ja nicht die gewünschte Reichweite, und kein Point-to-Multipoint

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Just a normal Friday night... Talking about the inner workings of

cowboy levels are currently at 69% but fluctuating wildly

(69%) ■■■■■■□□□□

Ratet wer vor lauter Verwirrung durch eine Baustelle auf der Strecke und eine Gruppe französische Jugendliche im mich rum in Baden-Baden statt Offenburg ausgestiegen ist und jetzt ne Stunde warten darf...

I'm planning my trip to iireland in a bit over a month. Since I'm good with priorities I already found places to cuddle sheep and buy their and also some nice open air museums...

I believe the company next to where I work, won the cyber bullshitbingo...

i'm reading about an old east anglian pub sport i am apparently gonna go and do next month and i feel like i'm having a stroke
[CW alcohol, insufferable englishness]

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