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Yo! You can see most of my work at, including clips of writing for various websites and links to IF. Or you can check out my game space-travelling, ragtag-band-assembling, procedurally-generated literary game, Voyageur:

today was certainly a day in the ongoing love affair between my upstairs neighbor and their impact driver

the flyers' website has a gritty backstory page. there's gritty lore. there's a gritty grimoire card,

apple still sucks but I gotta admit the apple pencil is the first time in a long-ass time a computing input device legitimately changed the way I work and relate to computers

Me: listen, sleep isn’t like a bar you fill up, you can’t “make up” for lost sleep
Brain: still going to sleep through Sunday because you didn’t get any Friday night
Me: understood, have a nice day

viciously hot fashion takes 

no man has ever looked good in a polo shirt

neckties are just normcore chokers. thank you for coming to my ted talk


I figured getting raw kibbeh delivered was a dodgy life choice so I got some shakriyeh and atayef instead

I hear people think Chrome 69 isn't... nice

Well today was surely a day to become aware of such a thing as the “onceler fandom”

Bruno Dias relayed

who is screaming "look upon my works" outside my house. I can't see anything

I love how on iOS, to uninstall apps, you press and hold on an app and this causes all of the app icons to quiver in fear as you choose which ones to destroy.

Boss makes a dollar,
I make a dime
Adobe jacked up
their prices again
there's no joke here
it's just bad and also doesn't scan

But consider the rich vein of cyberpunk names you can extract from chess jargon:

Fianchetto Zungzwang
Queenside Morphy
Dragon Variation
1.e4 Gambit

I didn’t expect season 2 of American Vandal to be good, let alone even better than season 1

What are some iOS-only games from the last couple years that I missed? I already spent some time with Cinco Paus and Six Ages.

Six Ages kind of frustrates me currently because: My clan has knowledge of how to read and write yet I have no Iron Age Excel to keep track of where all my cows are going

shitposting, horror 

"There's nothing better for the outside of a man than the inside of a horse," it said through a semicircle of too many perfectly oblong teeth

I've forgotten like 90% of what I know about chess but I still enjoy seeing things like the lead-up to the Rb8 at the end of this game ( which forces White's bishop all the way back to h1.

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