a real test of my brain is seeing whether i understand the principles behind JS' `Array.prototype.reduce` enough that I can use C#'s `Array.Accumulate` fn instead.

glitch logo mashup idea: vmware fusion but superimposed onto a v8 v-fusion bottle.

meta rambling & obscureish but v good hip hop 

i made some slides about CI/CD (what it is, why you’d want it) for a meetup in town. they have an excessive amount of emoji. kinda cute: brandon.mn/slides/jrdevs-ci.pd

idea: a cheap trick cover band called “inexpensive ruse”

(and i don’t know if i can trust anyone who doesn’t tear up when watching that episode)

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(i literally cannot watch the darmok episode without tearing up)

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relatedly: season 6 of ST:TNG has some heavy hitting episodes about ethics, human nature, and empathy. darmok and jalad at tanagra.

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food & alcohol 

(I just did one of these things, and it felt weird. Reminding me how un-calm and high-strung I was for the entirety of HS and university)

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oh goodness, i forgot what it felt like to create and lob-over-the-wall a thing, all packaged as nicely as you can, but knowing full well (on all sides) that the thing was time-boxed and not intended to be fully complete, but then you constantly just hyperanalyze™ your choices along the way to see if there was a way for it to be more complete, or better-complete.

back to my regularly scheduled content: jeez, it's warm in minneapolis right now. which one of you authorized this???

i logged in to post a computery post: my laptop has a native screen resolution of 3200x1800, but the crappy integrated graphics can't push pixels that quickly. set the display resolution to 2048x1152, and all of a sudden everything works much quicker. this has been a computer post

[ ⌒ ▽⌒ ] Registrations for cybre.space will open in one hour!

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