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i love this pink dog. all you have to do is acknowledge her existence and she is the happiest creature alive

minecraft but [some incredibly stupid gimmick] sure is a whole genre of video that youtube thinks i am interested in

yesterday daniel found an apple on the ground and was glued to the spot immovable until he was sure that he had eaten the whole thing and was not going to find any more

putting both the dogs in an affectionate headlock

my one complaint about ears is that you can have a my little pony snoot but if you got a big ol horse face you're outta luck

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oh, raw soba noodles taste kinda good, why did i do this to myself

i'm one of those people who buys a fruit to eat as a snack and ends up cooking with it instead

really in the mood for le soldat pony but i've already listened to the two albums i wanted to hear tonight. terrible, just terrible for me. i guess i will have to listen to them again

i put a blanket over her head like a parrot and now she's just sulking

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i'm in here trying to cook and this goddamn dog is sitting there studying my every move like a predator studying her prey

i brought a telescope up here and it has been cloudy every night except the night when i had a terrible headache lol

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