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guy who fries eggs directly on the glass cooktop

i wanted emi support for farmers delight but there was already an open issue that hadn't been acknowledged so i took matters into my own hands. it definitely has a much nicer api than rei/jei

net.minecraft.util.Lazy is deprecated. is there an alternative i'm supposed to use?

ok, i feel like allium is starting with a great deal less technical debt than kubejs had from the beginning, but i sure am gonna miss being able to use typescript. need my static type checking.

i know there's a typescript to lua compiler, but i already have typescript definitions for all the parts of kubejs that i use... i think this is a niche enough use case that there aren't going to be any out there for allium like, ever

a god's god, like how some musicians are mostly popular with other musicians

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im being harassed by a firefly that got in my house

i mean it's good, it's a good beat, that's the problem. it's not gross at all

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i keep seeing that "worst beat ever" post on tumblr and i finally listened to it and it does not live up to the hype. try listening to tobacco

the mudhorse is like a terrestrial seahorse that walks with its forelimbs and tail which is also cool as fuck

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this and the mudhorse from fins & tails are two of my favorite fantasy horse critters and my absolute favorite modded minecraft mobs

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google showing you your location next to the search results is a threat actually

somebody needs to invent a disease that only affects straight people so they can somehow twist that into a gay thing too

who decided to call them "fakies" and not "my little phonies"

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valid to eat fingers's choices:


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