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i need to get my produce at farm stands more often...

the world if xml adopted sgml </> closing tag shorthand [utopia.jpg]

csp is not going subscription only.
the version you currently have is still yours.
you will be able to buy the new version as a one time purchase if you want, possibly at a discount.
calm down and quit spreading misinformation.

u know the thing where a picture is technically not porn but you can immediately tell what the artist's kink is

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shout out to that one time i searched for one of the mlp comics artists and found his tumblr full of lovingly rendered pony butts. i think about it every time i see his name. definitely an ass man.

i overslept this morning so the dogs came and woke me up from dreaming that i had forgotten to feed them to let me know i hadn't fed them

what if i reread the mlp comics but like just the good ones

something i do love about the modern world is that i can juat listen to somebody's d&d game they decided to make a podcast of and sometimes it's actually good

(realizes there is a lava pool in the forest just across the river that i have known about since day 1) well you see the thing is i'm a fucking dumbass

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new worldgen makes some really fucking cool caves but bedrock is so fucking far away now and digging is not as fun as spelunking so i literally only managed to find lava today

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i've been stuck at yttr's "craft an yttric rifle" progression gate for 1,000,000 years because there are no ruined portals anywhere nearby and i don't just dig straight to bedrock lol

it's cool that minecraft supports jack audio now?? but it does mean that it doesn't show up in pavucontrol if i'm using pipewire because it seems to _only_ use jack if that's available?

remembering how mad i was when i learned that brown sugar is made by separating the molasses from raw sugar and then adding molasses to the resulting white sugar

minecraft mod concept: "berry me back home", adds several new kinds of berry bushes, and also when you die you respawn underground in the nearest gravyard to the last bed you slept in

i think i've made a mistake because now i never want a normal tomato again

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i bought one of those fucked up looking heirloom tomatoes and i wish i'd bought more. i'd never had one before. it looks every bit as fucked up on the inside but it's got a really rich flavor and it's just a little bit sweet

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