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i want just my own private modules to live on this repository and for everything else to go through the official npm server. no caching or anything like that

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speaking of which, is there some way to host a local npm repository that doesn't involve setting up a fucking web server

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naming my library of code-i-would-like-to-not-write-more-than-once "dingus"

still idly dreaming about minecraft biome mod that adds thickly wooded appalachian style mountains. maybe with mountain laurels

i haven't really found a comparable tool on linux. gnome character map is like 60% of the way there and the other 40% is painful

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of all things, i think one of the features i miss most from mac os is the character picker. love to have a universal shortcut to pull up a searchable database of every unicode character that can insert them directly into whatever text field i was editing

why are there so many ipas & lagers? the worst kinds of beer

it's even worse if i leave them alone in the house for ten minutes while i'm out of sight

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the dogs left alone in a car for an hour while i disappear from view: Β¦D
the dogs left alone in the house for ten minutes while i'm in the front yard where they can see me: D: D: D: D: D:

i really wish paperbacks had a little more... inner margin

i really need to make a package of all the typescript snippets i keep rewriting or copypasting for different projects

also with all the fp shit making its way into javascript the fucking pipeline operator cannot come soon enough

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need a good name for a function that accepts a list of arguments and returns a function that accepts a function that accepts those arguments and calls it with them

kind of wish i could eat them but i suspect they don't taste half as good as they smell lmao

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these dog treats on the other hand....smell fucking delicious........

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every time i wash dishes i'm surprised anew at how awful it smells

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well anyway you can cast a reference to Stream::iterator to an iterable and that's fucking cursed but it works

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