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i tried image searching sexy wario and got back a bunch of wario adjacent characters but no actual wario :\

why does the bad guy from klonoa sound like an evil speak and spell

i think my ideal version of this game would have been entirely puzzle focused with no combat, maybe puzzle bosses or something, because the puzzle mechanics are rich

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extremely glad there are difficulty settings but i really wish there was a Reduce Amount Of On Screen Bullshit toggle

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well i finished the main story of crosscode! good game. definitely too hard for me without the damage adjustment. i have some gripes about how some of the bosses are so fucking chaotic that i can't tell what the hell is going on

crosscode spoilers, like end game shit 

of all the shit that could have been going on, i was not expecting "they are creating ai clones of real people in order to torture them for information" to be the thing

still sick of left leaning folks throwing around right wing jargon. yes, even ironically

sometimes i'll see a character and clock them as a floraverse oc despite no clear ties to floraverse and then later i'll spot the artist in the discord community

you don't see jrpg monsters named shit like mindcheese any more

people who get mad when you call anime cartoons (it's cartoons)

platformers where you start in the main character's house

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