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lying here trying to sleep & overthinking of montreal lyrics

i finally got around to watching the spamton neo fight. it looks like the kind of a lot of fun that i don't wanna have 8D

i'll tell you what, rust's build system is so good that i hadn't even thought of it as "a build system" until just now. in fact i've barely thought of it at all because when i'm using it i'm mostly thinking about the code i'm writing instead

my dad is like a reverse burglar in that he enters my house carrying things that don't belong to me and leaves them here

you ever think about how a cursive s looks like a little bird with a hyper dicj

if anybody knows what this actually is i'm curious but it's not vital also if you say it's done kind of rod i will come over to your house and piss in your sink

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(pulling this thing out of a water heater) "that looks like some kinda rod for something"

you don't say

my dad talking about take the nipple off that water heater and then i tip the damn thing over and white liquid and calcium crystals start pouring out really makes u think

it's a little known fact that "javascript" is an acronym for "just all very aggressively shitty. christ. really, it's pretty terrible"

me, a genius: gets up to use the bathroom, forgets which direction my kitchen door swings, walks directly into it on my way back to bed

i just got a notification on my phone through the official carrier app that i swear was in half english and half spanish but like in a way that made no sense at all

you know what they say, and it's not whatever shit i'm about to tell you

ive got the beginnings of a decent mlp collection lets see how far i can take this shit

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need to make good on that threat to fill my house floor to ceiling with horse kitsch

if i ever pick that fantasy console idea back up it's gonna have hexagonal pixels

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