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ok kentucky route zero is super galaxy brain what the fuck

we're all about sword lesbians, but what about gun lesbians. i think i'd like a gun lesbian

sharing both godspeed you! black emperor and mlp fan music with opa

i played minecraft dungeons. here's my two word review: diablo jr

the best part of naming amalthea's dad is now their name gets to be amalthea swords brushwood-orogeny

a long time ago i started a "girls only plus sabin" run of ff6 and tonight i realized that leaves me with literally just terra, celes, relm, and of course sabin. was that why i made sabin the exception or did i just make that exception because i really like sabin?? who knows

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this is so fucked up because it applies to games where that's half the main cast and also to games where there are 11 dudes

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me and opa have discovered that all the numbered final fantasy games from at least 4 to 13 have exactly three playable girl characters, not counting guest characters, or ff11 since it's an mmo

i just named a character empyrean orogeny and only moments later did i realize i gave them a fucking my little pony name

introducing opa to a scathing review of ender's game from 2008

guess whose gay and back in massachussetts for a bit

i can't believe with this character i went "what if celestia was mòrag but honest"

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fuck oh no she already has a girlfriend named brighid that would be too on the fucking nose

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