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(looking at the literal license to print infinite money that is the minecraft brand) nope definitely not worth it

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(looking at the truly staggering amount of tie-in knickknacks, ports, spinoffs, books, etc) terrible investment if you ask me

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they gave the angry swedish man 2.5 billion dollars for his bad java code and a trademark

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sometimes i think about the fact that microsoft paid two and a half billion dollars for this disaster

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by set up i mean create. i am making a modpack. finding a fucking launcher that supports the 1.14 version of forge and can auto update the pack is apparently equivalent to finding a four leaf unicorn

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meanwhile trying to set up this minecraft 1.14 modpack has been a fucking nightmare front to back

who is likely to be hurt by uwu cutesy misandry:
- trans masc folk
- amab trans folk
- queer folk who are attracted to men

who probably won't be:
- the kind of men you "actually meant"

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im glad i started paying more attention to sound design because this has opened up a whole new axis of appreciation now that im aware of it

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i also kinda wanna yell about the musical score because i keep being surprised at the use of creepy ambient music to up the tension in a scene where you might expect something more overt

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mother fucker. me and cass caught up on she-ra. holy shit

lowkey having a bit of a meltdown over setting up a modded minecraft server because ive been promising it for half a year now

beloved minecraft mod, uncle stinky's chumpstick factory, never updated past 1.7.10

version OR mod api*

what were they even thinking when they made it like this.

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