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by set up i mean create. i am making a modpack. finding a fucking launcher that supports the 1.14 version of forge and can auto update the pack is apparently equivalent to finding a four leaf unicorn

meanwhile trying to set up this minecraft 1.14 modpack has been a fucking nightmare front to back

who is likely to be hurt by uwu cutesy misandry:
- trans masc folk
- amab trans folk
- queer folk who are attracted to men

who probably won't be:
- the kind of men you "actually meant"

im glad i started paying more attention to sound design because this has opened up a whole new axis of appreciation now that im aware of it

i also kinda wanna yell about the musical score because i keep being surprised at the use of creepy ambient music to up the tension in a scene where you might expect something more overt

mother fucker. me and cass caught up on she-ra. holy shit

lowkey having a bit of a meltdown over setting up a modded minecraft server because ive been promising it for half a year now

beloved minecraft mod, uncle stinky's chumpstick factory, never updated past 1.7.10

version OR mod api*

what were they even thinking when they made it like this.

can't filter search results by version of mod api either...completely useless tools

man curseforge's mod browsing sucks ass actually. there are filters for fabric/forge and filters for supported minecraft version but they are completely useless now because they can't be combined. i can't browse "minecraft 1.15 AND fabric"

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