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if cernach had a happy trail it'd be like spare parts had a beard

nothing makes me hate my body the way shoe shopping does

they don't make shoes in my size, full stop. having wide feet isn't fashionable i guess. whatever

are there any dual type grass/fire pokemon bc there should be

im glad everyone went absolutely nuts for toxtricity cus theyre my favorite so far. i love poison types. i want a poison / fire starter

imagine if every motion your body made was effortless

this is something i think about doing a lot but never actually do

this is either like extremely fucking metal or just tragic

designs a really hot character; only thinks about them crying & being sad

the tiniest, most badass lesbian you've ever met steps out from behind a tree to yell at you for scaring off their supper

i keep thinking about how cernach is supposed to be all tough and world weary but they're still three feet tall and horny also

the one that's covered by hair, what if it was just full of teeth

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