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oh cool following up with casual transphobia. we got a radfem here

mmm out here overhearing that casual racism dressed up in the language of wokeness

im pretty sure that was supposed to be the plural not the past tense but im falling asleep over here

my brain just now: πŸ’­ the past tense of hand is hend

anyways i took a nap and dreamed about my nap being constantly interrupted which translates to a pretty shitty actual nap too

google dot website slash where can i find an android keyboard that doesn't hard code capitalizing the word "i"

why in gods egg am i still awake at 4 in the morning jesus i am going to be a zombie tomorrow

knwown sleepy person riley "escaping to the side" gutmunchies πŸ’€

if all it takes to make it true is slapping some "known x" on their ass how come known millionaire riley nicole floraverse isn't swimming in iphones like millennial scrooge mcduck

can you imagine if people believed murder allegations as easily as pedophilia, like some garfield ass bitch goes on twitter dot com and concocts such a bitch ass salve as "known murderer riley floraverse" and suddenly all the teens on here think i killed somebody for exposure

i have only ever ended up on pinterest by accident and every time my brain reacts as if i'd just clicked on one of those content scrapers that rehosts stuff from like flickr or wikipedia

no offense but pinterest looks so fake, theres no way people actually use it

good lord im about to have a fucking anxiety attack right now

(yall have no idea how hard it is for me to not call it habbo hotel tho)

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