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ah it also says i no longer have access to my primary account but i literally posted that from tweetdeck. most of my columns are broken now (including the home timeline, so i couldnt reply to this from within tweetdeck) but i can still see my notifications and dms ??

uhh i just loaded up tweetdeck this morning and theres a fucking flashing red & blue banner across the top telling me i no longer have access to my secondary accounts

anyways hypnospace outlaw is real good and i need to dive back in and look for stuff i havent seen sometime but right now its bedtime

finally finished hypnospace outlaw β€” not 100%, but the ending that gets you the credits anyways. damn.

also hey it kinda sucks that tweetdeck has been down all evening

oh i guess today's the first of halloween. i didnt notice because it's still summer where i'm at

i love the shading around the straps. they put so much work into making his ass look like it's being squeezed by those straps

solid snake's lovingly rendered pixel ass is probably my favorite thing about mgs1

like i get that it's supposed to be all the parts put together as a model but...why this? why a weird little portable stereo? and why does the final render look like a shitty photo cutout???

can we go back to that other one for a seond though β€” what is up with that portable stereo in the corner

alright well the good news is i was using an outdated version of drawpile because i forgot i'd downloaded the appimage instead of mucking with flatpak and 2.1 does use upnp, bless

i know upnp support isnt as universal as the name implies, but ive never owned a router that didnt have it, and i've only encountered one.

why doesnt more self-hosted server software (think drawpile, minecraft, ...) use fucking upnp to set up port forwarding automatically

i wrote a lexer by hand and now im writing a parser by hand

i didnt think to take a pic, but have a blurry still from a video

cool, my dad caught a juvenile rat snake today. blotchy noodle boy

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