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btw this is cernach's theme song now cus it was playing on loop in my head the whole time i was drawing today

problem: im gay but husband and best friend are asleep, also i am exhausted

cernach is fucking hot i cant believe i fused my two hottest character designs and got something even better

dude i can literally just draw what the fuck ever i want thats pretty sick, nobody can tell me not to draw foxglove as an edgy oc with a gun

i dunno how timi does so much art with a damn mouse without destroying her wrists meanwhile

(drawing a fantasy sniper rifle that fires potion darts)
(thinking about putting cernach in combat fatigues)
(definitely been playing too much metal gear solid)

wip design for foxglove's commander au, cernach... not quite there yet, but it feels really close

need to design an outfit for her now. by which i mean i need to figure out what kind of pants she wears, because you kinda have to go topless with a face on your chest

anyway i think i exhausted the novelty of his older stuff and i'm all about this new sad 30-something direction he's taken go figure

i'd be on a tallest man on earth kick rn but he doesnt have like three decades of releases like the magnetic fields so ive kinda already heard all his songs a million times

i just reached the part in mgs5 where they force you to learn about the online stuff and it sucks, the game has immediately become annoying

i had to look up how to do this fight because i didnt realize i had to call the helicopter myself, kaz was just like BOSS GET ON THE CHOPPER and i was like WHERE

you ever sitting there and realize you can just draw a picture if you want to, like nothins really stopping you from just drawing a picture

not a lot makes me happier than my best friend sending me recordings of herself singing πŸ’•βœ¨

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