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god damn yall i love the floraverse community. ive felt so much better overall since i shifted my focus from twitter back to my people

(not solo either, its gonna be my partners and me)

happy new year to all my queer pals over here in social media hell

why am i running a perl script in 2018? well, see, i3's test suite is written in perl

boy it sure does take effort on my part to get cpan to install modules in my home directory and additional effort on top of that to get it to put them in ~/.local like a normal person

the doom modding community reminds me a lot of the minecraft modding community

now that ive made this i am removing it from my computer

anyways pretty much ready to be done with this level. i found both missing keycards and all the circuit boards and that's fine. this game is fucking _dense_

(careful observers will note my ammo counts and guess correctly that the second screenshot was actually taken first)

lmao probably definitely not meant to be here considering the interior of this building ends with an untextured black wall

extra double bonus: i am no longer sure that was the correct way to do it but i'm not sure how to break the pipe blocking that ventilation shaft

mastodon only bonus followup: i had to rocket jump to the fucking roof

i appreciate ur enthusiasm but i am but an individual with no business to my name

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