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providence has smiled on me: my dad decided to ditch his galaxy s7 edge for a cheap ass huawei phone because the screen was too small, so now it's mine

if i may have your attention, please:
pokemon snap is a rail shooter

nothing like watching a blender tutorial where the person making the tutorial is obviously struggling to use the basic features of the program

oh man mastodon's a lot more palatable with cws auto-expanded.

imagine if i could just be tho

i kind of want to run a single user mastodon instance just for myself but a bunch of instances are whitelisted so i'd basically be off limits lmao

the fuck does "female presenting nipples" mean, its like somebody heard about queer theory once but didnt bother to actually pay attention

they only give u one point of articulation tho so like good thing my characters dick isnt prehensile i guess

im not actually making any groin-related attachments for this character rn but this is good information to have

i miss some people on here but i really do not miss social media in general

has anybody played beyond boulder dome (fallout nv mod) bc im interested but i dont wanna put in a bunch of effort getting it to run if it's not good? don't tell her i said this but i kind of want to develop a game with her and cass

also holy fuck i spent the last couple days developing a couple characters with and she's so much fun to work with. i feel so in sync with her

i would fucking kill for some windows 95 style icons for modern software + devices

i wanted to do something a bit different from what people probably expect of me so im making a turf tiger hybrid. shes gonna be smol

i never ended up doing much with my electrum oc foxglove so im cannibalizing the name and her main Thing (being rowdy and trans) and possibly her colors for my new flora oc

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