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i streamed the first couple chapters of mirrors edge for goopy & timi, what a great game

i marathoned dragon prince

the humor is very "literally every cgi cartoon from the last five years" but i think the characters + story are making up for it so far

it's a livejournal clone. and by clone i mean literally a fork of livejournal's code. it's very, uh, livejournal

hey i made a fuckin dreamwidth account. no promises i'll actually use it but here it is.

the idea is "great" in that it's basically what mac os x has been doing from the very beginning but good lord i have not had many good experiences actually trying to run appimages on a distro that isn't ubuntu, so like, may as well just set up an ubuntu ppa

im glad appimages have done absolutely nothing to mitigate the nightmare hellscape that is distributing software for linux

anyways im glad a lot of my friends did get to vote this time around. thank yall for trying to save our asses

(yall who make scary ultimatums to the tune of "vote or we aren't friends" maybe chill the fuck out. the voting process is rigged to make it hard for folx who are poor, disabled & mentally ill, among other things)

i wasn't able to get an absentee ballot because of some stupid hoops i was not able to jump through, so, sorry, i missed out on voting this time.

if you're gonna yell at someone make sure it's the people in charge of that whole process and not me.

sorry im trying to explain to someone what i meant by 💦 in response to them having a big reaction to something

its like alarm or discomfort but neutral instead of bad, right

what actual emotion is that, how do you spell it

what does it mean when you have a picture of cartoon sweat next to your head

dragon age inquisition is so weirdly shiny. everything is either greasy or made of plastic. its fucking wild

i love how the storm coast dwarven ruins just look like the fucking walls have been coated with oil

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oh. i thought this dwarf sounded like snake, but i wasn't sure

no, yeah, he's voiced by david hayter

im actually thinking about this for a reason but i dont want to get into it here

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