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sorry i kind of fixate on characters who are abused or self destructive

cass: we have balloons at work, just cus, you know, kids love balloons
me, rolling my eyes: ugh, kids are so easy

every time someone says it's good that i have an associate's degree i'm just like, why, it has had precisely zero impact on my life and several thousand impact on my dollars

i am either hilariously good or hilariously bad at flirting and either road leads to the same outcome

the spam folder is where i direct mailing lists that i can't fucking unsubscribe from i don't want to see anything that goes in there. i will check it myself if i suspect an important message has gone the wrong way

like legit is there a setting in zoho mail to just not show an unread counter, or indeed show that there are unread messages, for specifically the spam folder

dear riley,
do you take off your makeup and fingerless gloves before you go to bed?


that's a stupid question. do you take off your face and hands before you go to bed?

qt's model/view architecture is...confusing

i just want to display a list of tuples in a tree view damn it

i'm looking at the microsoft v-chat source code that tracked down and i found this gem in the readme

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