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it wouldn't just be sonic it would be off model sonic

i wanna see metal sonic deroboticized, would that be fucked up or what

his design is cool but he's kind of a nothing master

no hint of the mile wide sadistic streak he had as the original metal sonic, not even a little bit of "takes things too far" that could've made him an interesting & flawed character, he's just powerful and full of himself and kind of fucking inept in spite of it

i still dont get why shard is popular. his personality is basically "sonic but completely insufferable"

we actually got three separate panels showing shard's damaged power gem, each with a tighter zoom than the last just in case u missed it

oh and shard is here alive & well despite his power gem core being cracked before?? no explanation as to how it got fixed. the official comics made a point of showing that it was broken, so that probably shouldnt have been swept under the rug

IM SORRY I DONT KNOW WHY IM LIKE THIS it just feels like the writers might have forgotten to brush up on the last few issues before writing a continuation and that bugs me a bit >_>

also eggman says he's rebuilt metal sonic with a special power gem core to give it a mind of its own, which he literally already did a couple issues prior in the official comics. that was the last power gem he had and it was destroyed when metal self destructed to take out shard

off the top of my head they've already just dropped this entire plot point in favor of a last minute "bio-analyzer" macguffin they happened to overhear eggman had misplaced in his arctic refueling station

im reading archie sonic online (the fan continuation of pre-sgw i think i mentioned already) and im already nitpicking plot holes

social media today is a lot of bad shit so bye for now

evidently, i am incapable of posting anything but midnight esoterica i should under no circumstances be allowed to post

the truth makes herself known yet again, and yet again she realizes too late that it is past bedtime for most of her friends. will she learn?

someone was talking about candy gore and my brain immediately went 💭 salmiakki and used motor oil

(he looks really good in the video for let's relate >_> also big queer snuggle pile just looks like a good time)

am i problematic if im spending my evening watching of montreal music videos because i like seeing kevin barnes in drag

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