sometimes i go to post something horny and get too flustered but its some tame shit like "imagine kissing"

speaking of horny on main i should double down on that

@anthracite it doesn't happen when it's unplugged, so it may be worthwhile to make unplugging the macbook a part of your meditation routine

@anthracite yeah, you'll find that macbooks wake up pretty frequently (i think every hour or two) for god knows what. back when i was spending a lot of time on irc using weechat i'd wake up in the morning and find that i'd signed on & off multiple times thru the night, which i can only imagine being a bit annoying to the other people who were on

so many sound effects from ff7 i recognize from like chrono trigger and ff6


the coffee shop is playing shit like of montreal & starfucker today and i couldnt be happier

god ive been hovering on the edge of 300 followers for a while now

of course, linux, via pulseaudio β€” forever lagging behind in usability & feature completeness as a desktop operating system β€” just lets you boost the volume up to 150% no problem. it's a shame, really.

specifically, i dont know how to make the volume louder than 100% on your shitty laptop, google it yourself

please, i havent used windows since like 2004, i dont know the first thing about windows 10

btw foxglove definitely sends her friends dick pics from the bathroom in case yall were wondering

new project: ripping the guts out of this rv and turning it into a living space

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