i thought about posting my poems here, but i feel like, robbed of context, the meaning is lost. best to leave them where they belong.

not to toot my own toot but i feel like theres definitely a stephin merritt influence goin on here. please like my stupid poetry

i wrote this the other night bc i had the thought "i wish i could write poetry" so i wrote a poem about that feeling

i wish i could write poetry
but i suppose you'll disagree
with my assessment of my skill
and say the only limit's me

it's true, i write and rhyme and pun
and all of that, i do for fun
but though a poem this seems to be
you've been deceived; it isn't one

i am blessed to have stumbled into a community that fosters emotional maturity and other radical new ideas like "talking through your problems instead of ignoring them"

ive known many of these people since 2014 and we've all grown so much

to those who struggle to be seen
despite the targets on our hearts
to see is to understand

what do we have to lose
what do we have to gain

to those who curse the spotlight
and cling to passing shadows
to be seen is to be exposed

what do you have to hide
who do you hide it from

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