im trying to help someone name theirs something punny like a lot of the canon angels

how th ehell do people make up good puns i just named my angel after a regular ass phrase

"hey i noticed you were in [city] over a week ago so i downloaded the local map for you"

uh thanks google

or mastodon if youre reading this over there

i wrote a flora microfic expect to see it tomorrow

twee taught me how to do tox voice on purpose and im scared because now i have so much power

come to think of it ive never done a macabre design before so this rules actually

i love my angel oc, this is probably the best character design ive ever done

@anthracite wait how does it have both hooves and webbed feet. the illustration only seems to show the latter...

@HTHR i could ask you the same?? idk who i'd be besides riley

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