"ooh, that guy has a skill!"
"a skill?"
"we call him skilliam for short"
"whβ€”why would you call him skilliam for _short_??"

i don't know why i did this but it had to be done, probably

cass watched me. he did nothing to stop me. he is culpable as well

me, doing homestar runner voice: "oh hewwo, i'm just twyin on this bwa. it's got wike, this undewwiow..."

no offence to yall who replied already but i just know some namesearching dude who doesnt even follow me is gonna come be condescending at me because i have an opinion

you know what i'm deleting that thread cus i dont actually care and i dont want randos coming for me to defend it

i am absolutely not creating an account just so i can unsubscribe from mass emails that i never consented to in the first place

things i hate: locking the "unsubscribe" link behind a login page that i don't have a password for. yall i never created an account how the fuck do you expect me to log in

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