the steam controller user experience is so much better on linux thanks to this program

(my doomish bindings are a work in progress)

reminder that i'm @monolith now. dont unfollow this account in case i change my mind, buuut do follow that one please

providence has smiled on me: my dad decided to ditch his galaxy s7 edge for a cheap ass huawei phone because the screen was too small, so now it's mine

nothing like watching a blender tutorial where the person making the tutorial is obviously struggling to use the basic features of the program

@anthracite i was under the impression there were more fsr but no longer remember why. probably none that matter anyway

i kind of want to run a single user mastodon instance just for myself but a bunch of instances are whitelisted so i'd basically be off limits lmao

@hierarchon i know, i used one but it's a really bad experience on macos because you're essentially working against the operating system's native behavior

the fuck does "female presenting nipples" mean, its like somebody heard about queer theory once but didnt bother to actually pay attention

they only give u one point of articulation tho so like good thing my characters dick isnt prehensile i guess

im not actually making any groin-related attachments for this character rn but this is good information to have

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