hey guess what capitalism is a fucking brain disease and the american dream is an evil lie

something set me off tonight and i feel trapped and like there's nowhere i can go that i'm not going to be punished somehow for taking up space

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i used to not get why anybody would choose that kind of life. i know most who live it didn't. but sometimes the pressure is too much

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100% understand & sympathize with folks who choose homelessness over being forced to participate in society

i treid it again and any attempt at configuring multiple displays ends up with 0,0 at the top left corner of my internal display and the actual mouse pointer offset from the location it's drawn at by some arbitrary value

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@ everybody who keeps saying nouveau is better than the official nvidia drivers what the fuck are you smoking

@unascribed oh i'm not even gonna mention the teenage years. my 20s were a mix but insufferable was a big part of it. i also got a lil tangled up in the more aggressive parts of tumblr sj culture tho so that was a whole thing

@unascribed idk how old you are but i spent most of my 20s being kind of awful on some level, even after i got half a clue, and i think that's kinda normal. not that it's good but it's definitely not just you

@anthracite i put tape over all mine. haven't done that with the system76 machines that have been my latest two computers but i probably should

@anthracite i can count on zero hands the number of times i've needed (or wanted) one in the last five years

@QuestForTori it's honestly weird as fuck considering it's a feature lots of folks want and like...paid streaming services could easily offer it, but they don't.

guess who's driving to massachusetts again either tomorrow or wednesday depending on how prep goes tonight

sorry i meant hillary .they all vote for hillary clinto n

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i'm making a new unproblematic setting where everybody is born 18 years old with no vices or emotional issues

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