and at the same time, tbh some writers really oughtta do this for women too

im so deep in indie games im kind of boggling at the idea that a company needs to bring in a whole crew of Experts On The Subject to write a single trans character

i think ultimately i'd rather not know because theres always the possibility that the truth will hurt more, and i dont want to get entangled with them again

strong urge comin along with this shit to message the one that kept the dogs and ask how my babies are doing..

nothin can really prepare you for breaking up with someone youve been in a relationship with for a third of your life though. just like, saying goodbye to someone who's got their roots so deep in you, all the empty space that's left when they're gone

the rest of the boston crew too...i'd known some of those people for basically my entire 20s, and the oldest friends i have left now ive known for five years

never expected that four years later i'd be missing the people i left behind in boston. i can't really say i want to see any of them again but i'm still sad that we were together since i was literally a child and now they are no longer a part of my life

oh god it's not even actually rubberbanding it just feels like it because its snapping to different directions?? and usually it's a "previous" rotation because the game just keeps snapping to the same or similar rotation every time

it seems like the game always wants me facing roughly south

it...only happens if i've turned. it will rubber band a couple times and turn me to face a different direction and eventually settle. if i let it settle then i can walk around as much as i want with no rubberbanding, but as soon as i turn it reactivates the problem

@Gyro fabric is on everything. there are fabric mods for snapshot versions now

(if anybody knows anything about this issue i'd appreciate help)

naturally, searching for this issue comes up with generic advice for fixing rubberbanding (get a better internet connection) and reports that 1.14.0 had serious issues and that everyone should upgrade to the latest version (1.14.4)

im having rubberbanding issues in singleplayer in minecraft 1.14.4, even vanilla. no framerate issues, getting 40-60 fps, keep snapping back to previous position & rotation anyway

ok i mean "blessed with good bones and calcium" is a tremendous combination of words

i cant stop laughing at this fucking description and i can't put my finger on WHY. there's just somehing in the phrasing...

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