getting real sick of crosscode using the visual ambiguity of cliff heights apparently on purpose to make navigating them more "challenging" in the late game

hello everypony. i missed an exit in pennsylvania and got routed through horse country. i saw horses. i also saw where somebody had a life size tardis in their front yard. no word on interior scale though

oh, i get it now. yassification is when radical counterculture gets coopted into a marketable aesthetic

@hierarchon that said, i don't fully understand why the mapped type syntax is not allowed anywhere index signatures are. it would sure make some stuff i have tried to do recently easier.

@hierarchon the second one is a mapped type. P is a type variable that can be used in the following type expression. also, as a special case, { [K in keyof T]: ... } where T is a tuple type also evaluates to a tuple type instead of an object type.

how long until trash pickup companies start analyzing your trash and selling information about it to advertisers

inventing a hallway that goes directly from my front door to the back of my car so i can load it up without going out in the heat

learning about how europeans completely forgot about the stone age and decided that all the prehistoric arrow heads they found in the ground were obviously fired by elves or the devil or some shit

i slightly overestimated its size against the dark wall but its like 1¾ inches and that's still a fucking huge wasp

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