nsfw pov piece because this scenario is fucking hot and i couldn't get it outta my head

wip design for foxglove's commander au, cernach... not quite there yet, but it feels really close

need to design an outfit for her now. by which i mean i need to figure out what kind of pants she wears, because you kinda have to go topless with a face on your chest

censored version of my latest painting. it remains the best thing i've ever drawn, and i think the angel shitpost i used to cover the junk is one i never posted too

fusion of foxglove and spare parts. this is seriously the best thing i've ever drawn.

nsfw 🔞 for one bigass dick

all of my mario maker comment doodles double as angel shitposts

not quite satisfied with boo/extorture but luigi/agaze is perfect. im proud :3

by the way, my new avatar is by @pinnapop@twitter.com! here's the full image. rina's very good at what they do and you should follow them if you don't already!!

should i be hashtagging my art with do people actually use hashtags

valid to eat fingers's choices:


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