my favorite thing about kubejs is how it doesn't actually print the location of an exception, just the message, so that it's impossible to find the actual issue

also rhino exception messages are fucking garbage apparently

i think....this is coming from ("hasOwn" in Object)... what the fuck kind of js runtime is this

i was trying to figure out if Object.hasOwn is available in rhino and i guess the answer is "lmao who knows"

oho, this error has a line number! and is complaining about...a const declaration in an if block...............ok so apparently const is not block scoped in rhino??

i think maybe i should dust off my handwritten kubejs typescript definitions and compile to es5 like i was doing for 1.16 >_>

i didn't realize the situation with rhino was so dire. this barely qualifies as a js runtime.

i remember shit like strings crossing the boundary from java into js are objects that behave like strings but are not instanceof String, but i had no idea how truly bad it was in here

oh right there's also the thing where the java map interface plays at being a plain js object except that it has all the methods from map and if you have an entry with one of those methods' names as a key then it shadows the method but the in operator is busted too

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